Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Less Economical Megan

A few notes from the oeuvre of Miss Megan McArdle:

Sarah Palin Levi Jonhson Playgirl, Oh, my! (If you name-drop Bauhaus on a post about Levi Johnson, they cancel each other out.)

I need more money and I can't change jobs. Or: I feel sorry for my younger competition. (Take your pick.)

If I don't get rent-controlled, you don't get rent controlled. (I wonder if she would argue the opposite if she inherited a rent-controlled apartment? Alas, we'll never know.)

See? I was right and everyone else in the entire planet was wrong. There were no villains in the financial crash.

Pity the Manhattan landlords, who were forced to follow the rules.

Yap yap yap Obama dropping in the polls yap yap yap national fit of pique.

Here is my entry for the Dr. Thomas Sowell Competition For Boring Repetition of Boiler-Plate Talking Point. Topic: Boycotts Don't Work

The government and Rush Limbaugh are creepy. Please don't hurt me.

There's more on taxes and the deficit, but it's just killing time until the next order comes down from Corporate.


Clever Pseudonym said...

It's always kind of cute when Megan talks about journalism as if she were a seasoned veteran of the profession instead of the token female whose lack of training gave her a low price tag.

Susan of Texas said...

I'll never forget her definition of freedom of the press--"the freedom to disseminate written speech." Or her definition of conflict of interest--if you tell eveyone about your conflict, it doesn't count anymore.

satch said...

One of the most disingenuous statements ever: in response to a commenter questioning Megan's statement that liberals "self select" into journalism more often than conservatives, commenter "Tall Dave" hits us with: "[Conservatives] are generally less interested in advocacy." I haven't stopped laughing yet.