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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shill Wanted

I have a job for Megan McArdle.
A senior executive at Uber suggested that the company should consider hiring a team of opposition researchers to dig up dirt on its critics in the media — and specifically to spread details of the personal life of a female journalist who has criticized the company.  
Over dinner, he outlined the notion of spending “a million dollars” to hire four top opposition researchers and four journalists. That team could, he said, help Uber fight back against the press — they’d look into “your personal lives, your families,” and give the media a taste of its own medicine.  
Michael was particularly focused on one journalist, Sarah Lacy, the editor of the Silicon Valley website PandoDaily, a sometimes combative voice inside the industry. Lacy recently accused Uber of “sexism and misogyny.” She wrote that she was deleting her Uber app after BuzzFeed News reported that Uber appeared to be working with a French escort service. “I don’t know how many more signals we need that the company simply doesn’t respect us or prioritize our safety,” she wrote.  
At the dinner, Michael expressed outrage at Lacy’s column and said that women are far more likely to get assaulted by taxi drivers than Uber drivers. He said that he thought Lacy should be held “personally responsible” for any woman who followed her lead in deleting Uber and was then sexually assaulted.  
Then he returned to the opposition research plan. Uber’s dirt-diggers, Michael said, could expose Lacy. They could, in particular, prove a particular and very specific claim about her personal life.  
At the Waverly Inn dinner, it was suggested that a plan like the one Michael floated could become a problem for Uber.  
Michael responded: “Nobody would know it was us.”
McArdle has tons of experience writing articles in support of Uber and routinely ignored important criticism of it; they wouldn't even need to pay her to do the job. She is also very easy to deceive.  McArdle diligently types lots of words to undermine working men and women and print dirt on her "enemies;" she dutifully passed on dirt about Edmund Andrews' wife when he dared to show support for homeowner bailouts instead of supporting bank bailouts like she did.


Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

And what's more, Uber wouldn't have to pay for research since Arglebargle never does any or listens if others tell her about their research!

Such a deal!

Susan of Texas said...

She would put her heart into it.

fish said...

And Uber is so great!

Anonymous said...

I think that Uber would want a researcher who gets the facts straight, in case they end up in court. McArdle might not qualify.


Anonymous said...
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Re. "Uber Executive Suggests Digging Up Dirt On Journalists"
Megan McArdle's response: Crickets, baby. Crickets.
Nothing on Bloomberg.
Nothing on Twitter.
Complete and total ignorance from Ms. Megan.
Just make sure Uber's check makes it to the appropriate offshore domicile by month's end as per the usual requirements.
Wonder if Ms. Megan would have been so blatantly ignorant of this Uber tale IF the exec openly talking blackmail of the media had been an Obama official and the topic had been the Affordable Care Act?

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick talks big growth and regulatory roadblocks in D.C.
By Mike DeBonis
District of DeBonis blog
The Washington Post
Posted at 01:16 PM ET, 07/27/2012
MD: I noticed your Twitter avatar is the cover of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead.”
Kalanick: I don’t know what you’re talking about. [Laughs.] It’s one of my favorite books. It’s less of a political statement. It’s just personally one of my favorite books. I’m a fan of architecture.
MD: The Randian philosophy has come to bear on this situation, you would admit.
Kalanick: That’s probably true. I’d say there’s an uncanny resemblance, especially on
the “Atlas Shrugged” side.


Could it be Ms. Megan's stayin' loyal to the Ayn Rand Brand and refusing to acknowledge
a story that's:
(a) all over the Internet; and,
(b) makes the Ayn Rand-John Birch Society-Libertarian-Tea Party breed look like nothing more than terrorist thugs?