Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's A Good Thing She Never Bought That Pink Gun

The chief characteristic of conservative thought might just be the desire to inflict pain on people who get in their way.

Megan McArdle in 2002 when faced with the possibility that a New York transit strike might impose on her life while she was unemployed:

  Our best hope may be that unemployed New Yorkers take to hunting down transit workers and pounding some sense into them.

 One suspect the real reason the right wanted to invade Iraq was to watch soldiers, whom they consider their proxy when they want to hurt someone, kill some barbarians. McArdle wanted protesters hit with a 2x4, she wanted transit workers on strike to get beat up, she wanted Iraqis punished for the Saudis' attack on 9/11,  and she wanted "one free Screw You" when Obamacare passed.

It might seem strange for a rich middle-aged white woman to have violent fantasies of punishing her perceived enemies but rich middle-aged white women don't stoop to violence themselves. They vote for the good-looking elite people with the right pedigree who support torture and murder and amuse themselves by imagining they have so much power they can eliminate their enemies with a few words.


Downpuppy said...

Jeez, Susan, my only wonder about Megan these days is : What's the point? Other than her 6 fans, why is anyone still paying her?

And then I see positive recommendations for her crap in odd places, and realize that far too soon, there will some insane project like another Iraq War or even worse, and they'll need somebody to be fooled by the tissue thin lies trotted out to support it.

Overgrown sentence? Bah.

Since you're back, I'm back to Barbie blogging -

Because so little changes.

Susan of Texas said...

I saw someone use the "failure is systemic" excuse today.

Yeah, I mainly do this because I saw Congressmen basically quoting her when fighting Obamacare.

I wish she would have married a hedge fund manager and then I could have gone back to my hobbies.

Kathy said...

I suppose the "Failure is OK" meme is a new variation of "People learn from their mistakes".

Except that isn't happening in the USA. Wall Street is joyfully revving up for yet another boom-crash, and expecting the government (tax payers) to pay for it all.

Explain THAT, ArgleBargle.