Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time To Dust Off That Romney Body Pillow

When you lose K-Lo, who never met a baseless, illogical belief that she didn't embrace from the bottom of her gullible heart, you know you're no longer considered serious candidate material.

As buzz reignites that Sarah Palin might enter the race, it’s worth listening to what the former vice presidential candidate has said repeatedly: It’s still relatively early. She may simply be discerning her most constructive role in politics and culture as we move toward 2012 and beyond. She’s a woman of talent and experience, with a following and the ability to get people talking. She has a power. Her key question is how to use it for the most good.

Her latest book, "America By Heart, got less attention than her first one," "Going Rogue," because it didn’t have the benefit of being a much-anticipated insider look at a guarded public figure. But it was a bestseller and she used it to shine a light on good people doing good things. Maybe she will do that as a candidate. Maybe she will continue to do that on Fox News or maybe she transitions into a different kind of Oprah.

Stick a knife in her. Palin's done.


Anonymous said...

Uh -- what the hell is she doing on the Times website? She's one of the worst writers in America. You've got to be kidding me.

Susan of Texas said...

She's been there several times that I know of. It's utterly incomprehensible. Perhaps she's the love child of Pope John Paul and Sally Quinn.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The NYT has to keep up with the War Criminal, err Washington Post, nonny.

Tommykey said...

She has a power. Her key question is how to use it for the most good.

I guess it doesn't occur to the naive K-Lo that for Palin, doing the most good is enriching herself.

NonyNony said...

Tommykey -

Actually, I think Palin does a great service to the nation these days. By running her grift on Republican voters, she's pulling donation money out of their wallets that could be going to someone who wants to be president. The more money she sucks out of their wallets to pay for her lifestyle, the less that they have to give to crazy-but-serious candidates running for office who can do real damage.

I'm actually impressed at how transparently she's running her con and yet how eager her followers are to get taken.

Morbo said...

Her latest book, "America By Heart, got less attention than her first one,"

Well with a title like that it's no wonder the book got less attention. I know; it's usually petty to pick on grammar, but the woman has "editor" in her job description.

Substance McGravitas said...

This column has a baffling line regarding parentage that takes real work to unravel.

Susan of Texas said...

The beauty of love is in its self-sacrificial nature.

Is that it?

Because nothing says love like self-abasement.

Substance McGravitas said...

The one about cultural conservatives proving they're not anti-sex by having seven children.

Susan of Texas said...

Santorum, I think. God, she's a horrible writer. I wonder if conservatives ever feel insulted by the crappitude of their intellectuals. Maybe they can't tell the difference.

atat said...

There's a good drinking game in that article. Take a drink for every sentence fragment. Here's my favorite:

"With Beyoncé singing earnestly that she be made love to."

I'm no grammarian, but if the word "editor" appeared in my job title, I might pause after writing that and think, "Gee, that doesn't really look like a sentence, does it?"

Substance McGravitas said...

Santorum, I think.

He's unmentioned in the article though. A paragraph after the parenthetical, and after discussion of JPII (who doesn't have seven children) we get a quote from Michael Waldstein, who has eight children.

Susan of Texas said...

I don't think we can go by normal thought processes with K-Lo. She's perfectly capable of thinking of Santorum but forgetting to put in his name. It's not like she's an editor or anything.

K-Lo's a mighty strange creature. It's like she's wearing a mental burqa.

Anonymous said...

Presumably the reason why KLo has onlyone comment on theAmerican Idol piece is that they are simply deep sixing the thousands that poke ruthless fun at her. I know my own comment, which was polite but scathing, has not appeared on the site. I'd be happy if only she was forced to read them herself.*


Basically K Lo's shtick is to watch/luxuriate in the most craptacular popular culture, discover that the rest of the audience both enjoys this stuff and aligns itself politically and religiously with her god-bothering masters, and recoil in disgust because its not high class or high minded enough. Who watches American Idol or Dances with the Stars and is shocked to discover that the same brain dead religious types from flyover country love it? She's watching it and believing in god, why shouldn't they? Also, too, they aren't all going to be monks and nuns, or if they are they are the naughty kind. KLo is the most arrested case of development I've seen since dissecting embryonic pigs.


Susan of Texas said...

She's god-fed veal. She probably spent her entire life going to Mass, her Catholic school, CCD (religious lessons) and Catholic-associated activities such as political rallies against abortion.

Do you remember that Altemeyer said authoritarianism is on a continuum? Lopez must be at the very end on the right, so rigidly, narrowly authoritarian that she can't even imagine disagreeing with her authority.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit (sic) the Times has just re-printed the story about the abuse of the so called Magdalen Sisters. They've taken their case to the International Court and the whole sordid story of the for profit enslavement of young women in Ireland has taken a new turn. Can't wait to see what KLo has to say about the sanctity of anything when this story breaches her ivory tower. Although I knew the story myself I forgot or repressed the "for profit" part and also didn't grasp how many women-30,000, were affected or that they were essentially held prisoner their entire lives.


Susan of Texas said...

She won't say anything I'm sure; she hasn't so far. I searched The Corner and the movie about the tragedy was mentioned twice, both times as anti-Catholic propaganda.

It's about time women started suing to revoke the tax-free status of churches, by the states if not by the federal government. There has never been a better time and (according to the Catholic Church) suffering is good for your soul because it brings you closer to Jesus. It's about time they lived up to their vow of poverty and did a little suffering. Plus how could the conservatives argue against eliminating tax breaks and lowering the deficit?