Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, September 12, 2011


I am going on hiatus for a few weeks to catch up on work and give the brain a rest. I hear there is a whole world out there and now that it's no longer 100 billion degrees outside I want to check it out. I'll try to post a little but I need to get away from politics for a while and work on other projects.



ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

It's true!


Mr.Wonderful said...

Nope. Sorry. That's all bushwa. We need you too much.

See you tomorrow!

hylen said...

LOL. I'm with Mr. W.

Pete said...

I hear they have some very intelligent (or at least opinionated) economists in Canada, so you might find some interesting conversation. I think the weather is cooler there too.

Batocchio said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Susan! I celebrate the you that has other projects! I looked around my incredibly messy bedroom and realized that I have intended to start about a dozen projects recently that almost all fall into the category of the "Annales" school of aimai's life. There's typing up my notes on my children (fifteen years of them) and pairing up my observations with new work on child brain development. There's putting that together with pictures to form an album for my in laws. There's organizing and bookizing our recent trips. There's taking notes on recent brain research reading that I've been doing. There's figuring out what I'd need to do to pass statistics to go back to school. There's doing the god damned laundry. Huh. No wonder politics looks more absorbing.


Susan of Texas said...

Regrettably, this is a mental vacation, not a physical one.

Aimai, I have all the fall projects to do--house cleaning, painting and reorganizing, bookkeeping, plus the fictional YA book that I am writing (or rather, will be writing once I get off the internet). Plus, as you say, the daily tasks that take up so much time.

I'm like a boulder--I have to be pushed to get moving, but once I start I keep going.

Lurking Canadian said...

Susan, good luck with your other projects. I'm sure I won't be the only one obsessively clicking to see when you come back.

satch said...

Come up to Massachusetts... nice and cool up here, and the flood waters of the mighty rolling Connecticut River are receding.