Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, February 8, 2013

Less Tall Megan: Greatest Hits Version

She's still cranking out the same old stupid but it's not worth examining in detail. In its own way her recent output has been like a replay of her greatest hits.

The Coming Retirement Burden: Greedy baby boomers will make you poor.

I Want News From an Unbiased Source. One that Always Agrees with Me.  Both sides do it!

Don't Worry, Dads: Those Kids are Probably Yours Don't trust statistics.

American Household Gadget Exceptionalism Consume.

Rubio To Give State Of The Union Response Both sides do it!

Spending and the Great Recession The recession is not as bad as you think.

Spending and the Great Recession I do not mourn the loss of bookstores I love if it helps corporations become more profitable.

Department of Awful Statistics: Income Inequality Edition The recession is not as bad as you think.

A History of Budget Projections Greedy baby boomers will make you poor.

Federal Regulations Kill Innovation Too Regulation is bad. Nobody knows anything ever.

 Rails Across America? Regulation is bad. Nobody wants high speed rail.

The Technocratic Dilemma Nobody knows anything ever.

I think you get the picture.


bulbul said...

That last one has this description of the technocrats:
"they are paid to sit around and think about things, observe things, and write things, but never actually do things"
Projection much?

Susan of Texas said...

So very much projection!

Zachary Smith said...

Ok, I'm a sucker: I clicked on the link titled
"The Technocratic Dilemma".

First thing I noticed was the mind-numbing stupidity of the prose, so I've got to tip my hat to the intrepid blog owner here for actually reading that crap.

Second thing was that they've given the vagabond woman her very own section - "Asymmetrical Information".

Like others before me, I wondered "what the hell is "asymmetrical information"?

It turns out the term has a wiki, and what the Daily Beast is doing is to allow McArdle to claim - without saying a word - she has more and better information than you do.

Well, her association with The Atlantic totally destroyed that brand in my mind. I will no longer pay the local library a nickel for Atlantic back issues at their book sales. If they sent me an offer for a ten year free subscription, I'd toss it in the trash. When I notice a file I've downloaded from their site, I delete it.

Yes, I hold grudges! :)

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, Zachary linked to something I wrote. That always gives me chills.

- spencer

Clever Pseudonym said...

Dear Megan,
I'll try to put this in as many monosyllables as possible. Smaller. Not as much space for stuff. Semi-detached housing is a luxury, let alone anything you mentioned in your insipid "exceptionalism" garbage. Let's forget that my time in the US meant going without almost everything you mention in your dumbly written post, when you're nationally more cramped (ask a poor person you meet on a bus what this means), you don't even have to learn to live without things you never had. In Northern Ireland, we were lucky to have space and money for an ice box. The only thing exceptional about you and your brand of American is what a nearly unbelievably clueless asshole you are.


Tom M said...

Oh, McMegan, the quote on the technocrat article is from a guy who forecast default risk for Freddie Mac.....I see she elides the period of time he spent there and how well he did.
McMegan also avoids mention of the 30% health care savings. That figure happens (?) to be the one used by ThomsonReuters in it's Health Care analysis of 2010 ( they publish every year in October, I think) as the amount of savings from the private insurance industry if we (the US) switched to single payer. The 2011 version came up with total savings from single payer, fraud and abuse and waste as more than 600 billion per year. But they are technocrats and so per se unbelievable.