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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Place Holder Post

Aaargh. Once again, life keeps me too busy to post. But I will post on McArdle's extended whine about all the meanies who torment her and, especially, her Ode To Her Consumerism, kitchen edition.

Sneak Peak:
This [kitchen remodel] longing grew especially urgent when the open shelving installed by our handyman failed, destroying much of our storage space and a large collection of Fiestaware.
For some strange reason McArdle has an endless array of problems with her servants. Doing things on the cheap is often the culprit in such situations. And, more important, McArdle has a large collection of Fiestaware and we are just hearing about it now? I know a bit about vintage jewelry, glassware, china and kitchenware and would have loved to hear about what would be a very valuable collection.

Also, I might have warned her that since Fiestaware is very heavy, it's not a good idea to put a large collection of it on open shelves that might collapse. If it is 1980s Fiestaware (marked with a capital, not a small, F), then it is not terribly valuable and no great loss.
Because the truth is, my kitchen is more than adequate. It looks a bit funny, and sometimes I have to take extra steps. But it’s filled with magic stuff that would have made my great-grandmother faint from envy. And I’m not just talking about my amazing collection of kitchen gadgets. I’m talking about things like my mid-range GE oven, which has a thermostat so that I don’t have to make “try cakes,” burners that are instantly adjustable and insulation so effective that I have to be careful about the puff of very hot steam that hits my face every time I open it during cooking. ... I have everything I need in my kitchen right now: amazing tools to cook with, more fresh, delicious ingredients than any human has ever had available at any previous time in human history, and people to cook for.
Nobody has had to make "try cakes" since wood-burning stoves; gas stoves are excellent. McArdle's great modern convenience has been around for a hundred years. But we've been through this before.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

My comment here and there:

To contact the editor responsible for this article: James Gibney at

Are you proud of yourself, James?

Mr. Wonderful said...

More: I have access to water at the turn of a handle--and not just cold water, but water that has been heated to optimum temperatures for washing dishes and flatware. When, having recently had improperly installed a faucet that works by sending mental emanations to an electric receptor, the incoming water line explodes, I am able to summon a repairman (non-union and, thus, reasonably priced) from any room in the house, via cell phone.

Clever Pseudonym said...

Megan's great- grandmother would not be envious. She'd wonder why Megan had so much useless shit that saves zero to 5 seconds time and is mostly designed for incompetent cooks. Gran would probably despise the clutter, but would be polite enough to save her eye roll until Megan bounded to the garage, hoping she hadn't yet donated her nutmeg-seasoned Panini press to the Sak's Orphans of Wall Street Charity Thrift Store.

I made Beef Wellington the other night with three spoons, one frying pan, some plastic wrap, one sturdy knife, my old faithful cutting board and otherwise nothing that required electricity.

Oh? Ingredients? What are those? Stop fucking writing about food and cooking, Megan. I'm starting to feel mean laughing at you.

Susan of Texas said...

Oh my god I just read the article she excerpts. It's a nice and amusing post in which the poster gives thanks for her blessings and mentions many ways in which others are in need. WHICH MCARDLE CUTs OUT OF THE EXERPTS so it looks like the lady is just happy about appliances. Without ellipses.

Jesus wept.

Clever Pseudonym said...

"...but, it's Megan McArdle..."

Susan of Texas said...

McArdle has a new editor, Brooke Sample. Maybe Gibney gave up?

Downpuppy said...

Food article up, & on twitter she admitted to not even using the crap she's pushing

Clever Pseudonym said...

That post is a classic, Downpuppy. One third no-shitisms, one third useless crap, and the rest that certainly are no help to a busy cook. Plus, she's got truffle oil on there. I know chefs and serious cooks alike that would stab anyone who brought that fraudulent crap for stupid, rich white people who can't cook into their kitchen.

Susan of Texas said...

Oh joy!

Susan of Texas said...

Downpuppy-she doesn't practice what she preaches? Shocking!