Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why Megan McArdle Thinks Voting Is Dumb

Megan McArdle lists the reason why she doesn't vote, or even register to vote:

1.) I don't matter.

McArdle tells us that one little ole vote doesn't matter so why bother? The fact that many raindrops make up an ocean does not occur to her but who could argue with her basic premise?

2.) I don't have a strong opinion.

McArdle says she can't really decide who she wants anyway. Opinions are hard, facts are many, might as well go out for Chinese instead. That must be why she never registered to vote--too much effort.

3.) It doesn't matter to me who gets elected.

It's not that her priorities are the economy and the security state and both candidates are close on these issue. It's just that McArdle's priorities are shopping and a paycheck provided by rich individuals, making this statement true for her.

4.) I don't know anything about the candidates.

McArdle says that she won't vote for an issue that she knows nothing about, leaving her only with the "no voting" option.

5.) None of my races are competitive.

So who cares?

Now, it is true that these are the rules that McArdle made up for everyone else, but surely they apply to her as well.


Anonymous said...

She's not even going to vote to make marijuana legal? She could strike a blow for libertarians!!!!

Susan of Texas said...

For her Reason buddies, if not for herself.

Susan of Texas said...

Yes indeed.

Dan Patrick won lt. governor--he's certifiable. That's going to be messy.