Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


A customer is being called a hero after pulling a gun on two armed robbery suspects at a Houston restaurant.... As the customer held one suspect for police, he fired as the other suspect ran off. The bullets shattered the front windows of the restaurant.

From Serenity:

Zoe: Do you know what the definition of a hero is? Someone who gets other people killed.

 At 8 pm there could have been people walking around outside the window. The armed customer was lucky.

If more people start shooting back, why wouldn't the robbers just walk in and shoot everyone? More guns, more ammo! An arms race! If citizens can't soldier up, only soldiers will have guns! I mean criminals!


aimai said...

Right, the end result of the assumption that everyone is armed is not a "polite society" but a hair trigger society. There is a recent court case in Montana or somewhere where a police officer has shot his second unarmed person during a traffic stop. DailyKos has the dash cam video. The police officer is basically hysterical with fear, shoots the unarmed passenger, and then vomits with grief and fear when he realizes that he has shot an unarmed man because he misunderstood the guy's body language. If you assume that everyone you interact with could be armed, and could be out to shoot you first, you are going to live a life of extreme anxiety. If you arm yourself to combat the danger, you are going to simply add to the danger to yourself and everyone else.

Susan of Texas said...

I would say we need at least two cops at all times but that doesn't keep people from getting shot either.

The worst thing that could happen to a conservative would be getting everything he wanted. But they would never blame themselves when people shot their kids or bystanders.

Anonymous said...

In the conservative 2nd amendment world, money trumps life, every time, all the time.

There is simply no arguing that equation - it is a fundamental article of faith. That is what allows them to put the interests of a corporation over people, pipelines over groundwater and oil over the people of the arab nations.