Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, March 9, 2015

In Which The Big Thinker Thinks Little Thoughts

Friday Food Post: An Easier Way To Brown Meat--Megan McArdle foodsplains stew and tells us that Cooks, Illustrated's stew recipe is a time saver. She does not tell us why she has to brown meat when she has a Thermomix, the greatest time-saving invention in the history of cooking.

Virtual Reality's Vomit Problem: I am a special snowflake.

Fewer Tax Refunds, Fewer Scams: We can't solve the problem of tax return fraud because everyone wants their refund money right now. So we should stop paying taxes but politicians will never let that happen.

You have a tax refund check but she needs cash now!
Call Megan McArdle!
877 Cash Now!
She's shafted thousands, she'll shaft you, too.
One lump of coal she will give to you.
You get tax deductions but she needs cash now!
Call Megan McArdle!
877 Cash Now!

Obamacare Case Is Not Life Or Death: My Moops defense is not ridiculous, you're ridiculous. And my healthcare-kills defense is not ridiculous either! How would you like it if we said Roe vs. Wade was ridiculous, huh? Burn!

There's more nobody-can-do-anything-ever that is not worth discussion. McArdle seems to be much occupied with her book appearances and mentions the book very often. It is perfectly natural that she would have less time for her little blog.


Clever Pseudonym said...

Yet another testimony to Megan's laziness. She thinks the ten minutes or less it takes to brown meat is an arduous chore. I don't know how anyone tolerates her condescending and often ignorant posts about cooking. Nobody besides Megan McArdle and the twelve-year-olds in Mrs. Smith's 7th grade home ec. class needs someone to explain how to brown meat. And just how sloppy does she cook if she's got that much oil splattered all over the place and herself? I've worked with commercial deep fryers with 50 gallons of oil between them and never managed to get any in my hair.

Anonymous said...

McArdle's not going to like this. Obamacare costs less than expected!


cynic said...

Wait...did she not tell the world, at great length, that she is a vegan-vegetarian?

I suppose each one of her posts stands in its own universe - no relation to anything she may have written in the past or may write in the future.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Cynic, that reminds me of Doughy Pantload. Maybe she cribbed it from him?

Or perhaps it just comes naturally to lazy, entitled dirtbags.

Clever Pseudonym said...

I believe it went like so:

1. I only eat meat that was humanely killed.
2. I don't eat meat.
3. I am vegan and I will remind you of this at every possible turn.
4. My doctor told me I can't be vegan because my thyroid/gastritis/calculator.

I remember - only because of the bold arrogance of it - someone calling her out for the dullness of her constant reminders that SHE IS VEGAN!, to which she responded the only reason it could possibly annoy anyone is because it makes them feel bad for not being as superior in their eating habits as her. As if we all walk around making our dietary choices based on some "What Would Megan Eat?" dictat. I don't know why her stuck up self-absorption still shocks me. I should have outgrown my expectations years ago for her to mature past the adolescent mindset that the world and everyone in it revolve around her.

Susan of Texas said...

Heh, that sums it up very well.

McArdle generally ignores any good news on Obamacare unless she wants to tell everyone that the news only seems good but someday something might go horribly wrong.

Susan of Texas said...

Ha! From her new post:

Is Obamacare costing less than we expected? I've seen notes to that effect on the Web and social media, thanks to newly released estimates from the Congressional Budget Office. However, that's something of a misreading of the CBO document, which only covers the cost of the insurance coverage provisions in Obamacare. Those are obviously a huge part of the law. But they're not the only part of the law, and we don't have a CBO estimate for the rest.

Kathy said...

Tell us more about your vegan stew, Arglebargle. Where you broil the ... not-meat... in the oven to "save time" from the formidable chore of browning not-meat in a stew pot (seems to me it would take about the same time). Ye Gods, Arglebargle is lazy in every way, isn't she

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Jesus Susan...

How did I ever miss this McArdle interview?

cynic said...

Shorter McMegan:

Americans should have smaller kitchens and start eating more creamy stuff so I can get better recipes

Shorter shorter Mcmegan:

I need Thermomix recipes. Go spend $1400. Now.

Susan of Texas said...

I started a post on her love life but didn't have time to finish it. I'll try to do that today

And the same with the Thermomix--I have a bunch of half-done drafts.

I need about three more hours in the day (in which I am not tired, driving somewhere or thinking about all the work I should be doing.

They said housewives have nothing to do all day but sit on the couch eating bonbons and watching Oprah but they lied.

Kathy said...

Someone should tell Arglebargle about how One can dump a can of Campbell's Mushroom Soup over 3 or 4 hunks of chicken, bake OR microwave it, and vola! Once again she's the perfect hostess.

And another thing: blend together Cool Whip and Cream Cheese, pour mixture in pre-made graham cracker crust, chill and= ta-da! Desert! Really yummy with canned cherry-pie-filling. Mmmmmm gooood!

Cause that's her real cooking level.

Clever Pseudonym said...

The funny parts about Megan's constant harping on her over-priced blender in an attempt to seem high-class and sophisticated in the culinary arts are a) it is positively vulgar to brag about how expensive things in your home are and b) the Thermomixed was designed specifically for people who can't cook.

She is the reason the rest of the world thinks Americans don't get irony.