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Monday, October 12, 2015

I Can Think For You Retail

As I suspected, Megan McArdle has taken up work outside of her regular job as a libertarian dangling flypaper devil-may-care opinion writer on "the definitive 'chronicle of capitalism'" a major metropolitan newsletter. One can't shop all the time.

The Mercatus Center is attempting to hash out reasonable-sounding polices by which they can somehow peel off the parts of Obamacare that the populace wants and jettison the rest. They needed top minds for top solutions, so naturally they turned to Megan McArdle.

The Preexisting Condition:
How to finance care for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions has long been one of the thorniest, most challenging issues in healthcare policy. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s solution was a vast, complex clockwork of individual and employer coverage mandates, guaranteed issue, modified community rating, multiple subsidies, and other provisions. As commentators spanning the political spectrum warned before the law’s passage, this approach faces daunting logistical and financial hurdles.  
In a new set of essays commissioned by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and published at e21, seven leading policy experts share innovative ideas on how to solve the pre-existing condition challenge. While their approaches exhibit differences as well as similarities, they are unified in their pursuit of a humane, equitable, fiscally sustainable solution to a conundrum that has driven and strained the entire post–World War II healthcare debate.  
The series will be packaged as an e-book on November 10th.  
1. Changing the Subject, Robert Graboyes  
2. Market Incentives for Broader Coverage, Douglas Holtz-Eakin  
3. Continuous Coverage Guarantee, Tom Coburn, MD  
4. Guaranteed Renewability and Equitable Tax Treatment, Bradley Herring  
5. Safety, Simplicity, and Transparency, Megan McArdle  
6. Exploring Superior Approaches to the ACA, James C. Capretta  
7. Better Paths Forward, Charles Blahous

The link to McArdle's future article:
The Pre-existing Condition: Safety, Simplicity, and Transparency
This essay will be available October 27th.

Rest easy, America. Megan McArdle, who has repeatedly said that everyone should pay their heath care costs out of pocket, is doing the thinking for you and she'll fix Obamacare her very own self, with the help of a few friends.


Downpuppy said...

Oh Boy! Nothing says serious like Megan and Tom Coburn!

Susan of Texas said...

Bet you she will just repeat earlier posts that advocated for buying catastrophic insurance and paying up to 10-20% of their income on medical expenses, after which someone or other would pay them instead.

Kathy said...

She herself has several 'pre-existing' conditions, doesn't she?

Smut Clyde said...

Market Incentives for Broader Coverage

I find myself translating this as "More subsidies for insurance companies".

Anonymous said...

Fun with Mercatus but you all already knew this

Susan of Texas said...

Yep. The Koches are also funding university economics departments across the country. They donate tons of money and suddenly libertarian professors are hired and Charles Murray is invited to speak to the students. I expect a lot more of that activity in the future.