Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, December 8, 2008

No Mas, Por Favor

Ugh, I can't face any more McArdle. National Health Care is bad, pardons can be good things. There. That's all she needed to say, minus the equivocations, unwanted personal information, quotes, links, quips, insults, lies and pandering.


Anonymous said...

I really can't stand it anymore. It's easier for me to completely write off the Atlantic at this point. I hung around thinking somebody there would come to their senses and realize a person so utterly lacking in writing skill and intelligent thought has no business working in professional journalism. I see now that isn't going to happen. The only thing that can explain it at this point is a) she's shagging the editor or b) she's being paid very, very little and said editor is content with her poor output because hiring real talent would cost more.

Susan of Texas said...

Maybe we need to become more open to new possibilities. Ties to the Mafia? Black magic? Fairy godmother?