Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, November 9, 2007

"Bring me the head of Bob Barker!"

Via the estimable TBogg, we see that Ann Althouse can find only one reason that anybody would criticize her--they are minions of the petulant, vain, homicidal minor god known as Glory Hillary Clinton.

You see, feminism failed Ann. She did it all, a career and marriage and motherhood, but it didn't work out. It must be feminism's fault, since it can't be Ann's! And when Ann thinks about feminism, she grows huge and green with rage, rampaging across the countryside and smashing everything in her path, for feminism was killed by Cock Robin Bill Clinton with his little sword.

Is Althouse really a feminist? Since she is content to go along with whatever authority is around, she has no idea what she really believes. She's obsessed with reflections, constantly trying to identify herself, usually through unflattering comparisons to others. She's a vortex all right, constantly moving in ever-tightening circles, chasing something she can't quite define, dizzy with her attempts to keep up.

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