Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Midwest Cuckoos

Ten years in the future, a strange phenomenon will take place. From small towns all over the Midwest, strange children will come together to remake the nation in their image. They are alien in appearance, with strangely shaped hair and chillingly uniform behavior. And they have murder in their hearts.
They are....the illegitamite grandchildren of Mitt Romney!
Yes, while the sons of Mitt scour the Midwest for anyone willing to listen to Romney's speeches in exchange for a free meal, the farmers' daughters carry a secret. The bored brothers, encumbered with wives, children, Mom, and Dad, find a little space for themselves in the buxom arms of America's virgin womanhood. And lo, nine months later, when the campaigning is nothing but a smear of red ink in life's Ledger, the Midwest Coockoos will be born, ready to impose a new world order through mind control and magic undies.
Beware and remember: Think of a brick wall.

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