Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Megan Megan's guest admits blogging can be a way to stroke one's vanity.

There are none so blind as they who will not see. Megan McArdle['s guest]:
The combined lure of easy content and personal attention is tough to
resist; [Emily] Gould didn't, and the distinction between her online life and
everything essentially disappeared. The author and the subject became
one. ... The blogosphere always pulls this way. It's magnetized toward

She's talking about someone else, believe it or not.

Megan McArdle was made for blogging. She has a heart of steel.

Added: Thanks, clever pseudonym, for the heads-up. Peter Suderman subs for Megan, and I didn't notice the difference. Which I deeply regret, because I would have made fun of Megan for having another vacation a few months after going to Puerto Rico.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that's one of her guest posters, since she's off to the beach for a week or whatever. Though the post that you've linked to, as it is published now, looks badly edited and unfinished to the point where it makes no sense. Even her guest bloggers suck in her place.

Is everybody in charge at the Atlantic on drugs or are they intentially trying to run that magazine into a low quality abyss?

Susan of Texas said...

Ack, thanks for that. I'll note it.

I guess the Atlantic wants the audience it's aiming for--people with more breeding than brains, and the people who admire them.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad. It used to be such a great magazine. But even though this is technically a guest blogger, you're still right about there being a hint of irony that someone would critically post about a self-obsessed, navel-gazing blogger at Megan McArdle's site. It's also kind of annoying that most of the people writing about that Emily Gould piece are calling her out for being an attention whore her attention.