Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, May 19, 2008

Your Democratic Party speaks.

Washington must assert to the rest of the world that if they want to be
friends with America, they need to do more to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear
weapons, visiting US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Sunday in an
exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post.

Pelosi said the US needed to be more "proactive" in saying to the countries of the world - including Russia, China and the Muslim countries in Asia - that "one of the pillars of US foreign policy is to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to anyone." The US needed to make it clear to everyone, including the Europeans, that their polices on this issue would be a term of friendship with the US, and a measuring stick of benefits they could derive from that friendship, she said.
The US cannot stop nuclear proliferation alone, Pelosi said, adding that "if these weapons proliferate, they are a threat to everyone, not just to the US, and not just to Israel."

God, this is depressing. When Bush bombs Iran before the election, Congress won't do a thing. Iran isn't a threat. I'd give you links but I'm too damn depressed.

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