Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The World's Bestest Econoblogger

Guess Who.

The wealthy largely get that way by working more hours than the rest of us; they shouldn't have to work those last 10 hours more for other people than themselves.

Aaaaand, there's more.

[...L]let me offer my take on why people (read: affluent, especially white people) like streetcars: they don't have so many poor people on them.

Reading Megan's commenters, I can see that our nation will eagerly embrace a future where we all pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and nobody's income is stolen to pay other people's bills. Yes, the people who brag that nobody ever gave them anything and everything they have is because they worked harder and smarter and more morally than everyone else will be delighted to give up benefits at work, pay all of their parents' medical bills and living expenses, and work until the day they die.


clever pseudonym said...

Oh my goodness. I thought you were doing a "less tall Megan" paraphrasing when you wrote "they don't have poor people on them." She actually *wrote* that.

What a pig.

Susan of Texas said...

Heh, I forgot to blockquote. She really is beyond parody now.

Mr. Wonderful said...

MM's (and a commenter's) equating wealth with "working hard" is beyond criminally stupid to brain damaged. If the arduousness of work were any criterion at all of who deserves wealth, West Virginia coal miners would live on Beekman Place, and Megan McArdle and all the people who read (and mock) her would live in shacks.

A part-time hobby-blogger can be excused for this kind of tripe. But this is not only her profession, such as it is, but her JOB. Jebus on a saltine.

clever pseudonym said...

Mr. W. -- I thought that was pretty stupid as well. Megan constantly brings up her "hard earned" money, when it's obvious she hardly works at all. She can't be bothered to research nearly everything that she writes about and believes herself to be so smart that she doesn't *need* to because she knows it all already. That's not hard work. That's arrogance. It used to be considered a character flaw. Now, it can land you a gig at the Atlantic.

How many wealthy people are really self-made from hard work anyway? Most inherit their wealth in the form of assets or good fortune. This contempt she and her readers have that all poor people get what they deserve is sickening.

Anonymous said...

What a twit. Does she not know anyone at all in IT? I guarantee you very few of the wealthy are putting in work weeks as long as people in the trenches in understaffed IT departments.

Susan of Texas said...

She seems to actively avoid thinking. Her brain becomes stuffed with contradictory thoughts and then we get a post saying that CDOs are bad but not too bad, or abortion is wrong and should be leagal, or gays should have rights as long as they don't want the same rights she has.

I wonder how long she can keep this up? Probably as long as the Atlantic can keep going.

clever pseudonym said...

I think it's a practice she's developed to spend as much time on the fence as possible. The more you venture a solid opinion, the more likely you are to be criticized by people who don't share it. And we all know how much our Megan just hates being told she's less than perfect.

Righteous Bubba said...

they shouldn't have to work those last 10 hours more for other people than themselves.

How do these poor souls have the free time to buy yachts? OH MY HEART BLEEDS!

zeppo said...

It's not just Megan, you know. Apparently, all hard core conservatives these days suffer from cognitive dissonance. I just cannot, for the life of me, understand how these people's brains work. How can they utter some of the crazy batshit that comes out of their huge mouths (that are attached to tiny, tiny heads) without literally dying of embarrassment? They just utter whatever comes into whatever passes for their minds, without a thought to any sort of logic or even consistancy with what they may have said just last week.

I just saw a clip on Countdown last night, where lil' Georgie almost screamed, "We do not torture!!" The only thing that I can think of is that Bush was absolutely convinced if he said it loud enough and often enough, then it was true! Facts do not matter. What was going on in the White House, safely out of the way of any reporters who might ask stupid questions, do not matter. I am beginning to think that Bush truly believed that the U.S. did not torture people, at least during the times when people asked him that question.

I really do not understand how these people live with themselves.

herr doktor bimler said...

These lower-income people with two jobs, working 60 hours a week to pay the bills, clearly need to switch to higher-paid work. Then they would be wealthy too. I simply don't understand why they insist on staying in those low-paid menial jobs.

Susan of Texas said...

There's a scene in A Guide For the Married Man in which a woman catches her husband in bed with a blond. While she is asking what is going on, he and the girl calmly get dressed, the girl leaves, the man sits down and aks what's for supper. The woman is left gasping, unable to process what she's seen, and goes to cook dinner, dropping the whole matter. Denial works, and not just in movies.