Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, October 26, 2009

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Shorter Ross Douthat: Kill the brown infidels.

How dare he bluster that Islamic people can't practice their religion? Who the hell does he think he is? If religion is so dangerous that it can't be permitted to continue, why should Christianity be exempt? Their body count is pretty damn high too.

We really don't need gods and goddesses. We can't handle them. We're like children with matches. Sure, matches can do good--light fires to cook, light candles to see--but they can also burn the whole house down.
What’s being interpreted, for now, as an intra-Christian skirmish may eventually be remembered as the first step toward a united Anglican-Catholic front — not against liberalism or atheism, but against Christianity’s most enduring and impressive foe.

Go to hell.

I don't need and want enemies like Mr. Douthat. Mr. Douthat sees a global struggle for existence, which he chooses to fight without actually doing any fighting. And make no mistake, nobody is going to talk an ancient civilization into simply changing religion or giving theirs up. Sure, he'll call others to arms, but instead of taking up the sword and killing his enemies himself, he'll sit comfortably and exhort others to do the killing and dying for him. He's only 30; he can join up to fight his Holy War today. He won't, of course, because although he feels he's in a fight to the death, he won't actually, you know, fight to the death. A stiff missive to the Times as far as this armchair warrior will go. It doesn't hurt that they pay well for it, either.

Religion is just an excuse to kill, not the reason. People don't reason, they strike out and kill for personal reasons. Most Muslims don't kill, just like most Christians don't kill. I don't want to kill anyone, no matter how dumb and destructive his religion is. Atheists are extremely accustomed to tolerating others' religious beliefs--we're forced to do it every day of our lives, from saying the Pledge to the Flag to listening to History Channel programs treat religious fables as fact, with respectful and endless examination. If someone wants to believe in magic, I really don't care. I don't see everything in black and white, good and evil, right and wrong. That way of thinking is for very small children, and I have set aside childish things.

Except for comic books, of course. Some of them have a lot more wisdom than Mr. Douthat.


Downpuppy said...

Onward Christian Solllldiers!


Ken Houghton said...

I note her what I noted at Instaputz: the reason for the column isn't "kill the brown infidels"; it's "yo, Anglicans, kill the female clergy and acceptance of 'teh Gay' so that we can unite (on terms acceptance to me and the Nazi) to kill the brown infidels."

I assume DoucheBag (again, apologies to feminine hygiene product) will be clearer next time, if he actually discusses the reasons for the Schism that Must Be Resolved to Kill the Infidels.

Susan of Texas said...

But they can keep their liturgical rites, so it's all good.

The Church likes to see itself as the stern father who must be obeyed, but that only works for people who want to obey.