Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Tristero takes Rachel Maddow to task for classism, but he makes a slight mistake that invalidates his premise. He assumes that he and Maddow are in a different class than the tea-baggers and self-help marks. They (we) are all in the same class, the one without power, the one that is a few paychecks away from poverty, that must take out loans to have shelter and education. We are not the elite and they never forget it, even if we do.


CaptBackslap said...

I'm pretty sure Rachel Maddow isn't "a few paychecks away from poverty" at this point, unless she has Hammeresque money-management skills.

Susan of Texas said...

Yeah, I'm grossly simplifying the issue. But (as I have said before), power has concentrated to the point that we have elected a black Democratic community organizer as president, and the first things he did were bomb Pakistan and hand over billions in tax-payer dollars to the richest people in the country. That doesn't happen by accident.

We don't make the decisions that fundamentally affect our welfare. We have elections and still don't get what we want. We have no control over our elite. Maddow is on tv because GE wants liberal customers. The second she gets out of line like Olbermann, she'll be told to back off like Olbermann.

bulbul said...

Funny, I didn't hear Rachel being condescending to poor people. I heard her laughing at dumb and naive people. When did that become off limits?
Oh and as much as I like her, I just don't see what this guy is talking about. The interview he links to is in no way an example of how Rachel kicks ass. She totally blew it: when she asked the guy about his involvement with the Marianas sweatshop, he basically said that the whole thing was out of context and similar stains can be found on everybody's, including Rachel's, record. AND SHE LET IT SLIDE! An ass-kicking liberal, she's not. At least not in this segment.

linkie no workie.

Downpuppy said...

Anybody still kissing Russert's ring is more than a little suspect.

Lots of us are not a few paychecks from bankruptcy. One chronic disease, OTOH, & just about anybody gets wiped out.

Susan of Texas said...

Bulbul, they worked when I checked them. Which one is bad?

Downpuppy, yes, that's true. It may not be job loss, but it could be an accident or illness.

Hurricane Ike put most people out of work here for 2-4 weeks, which wasn't ruinous but really hurt.

bulbul said...


that Salon link. But it turns out it's ok, probably the stupid proxy at work. Sorry.