Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season's Greetings

Before I get back to work, a little Megan McArdle:
Since cash-for-clunkers probably moved auto purchases forward, rather than generating actual new demand for autos, this considerably dampens hopes for a "V" shaped recovery.
Who was hoping for a V-shaped recovery? Larry Kudlow? Fox News? Everyone else seems to have realized this a very long time ago.

Another post trying to make money through Amazon. Isn't using one's work blog for personal gain a breach of journalism ethics? Not that it matters; no doubt the Atlantic thoroughly understands that hucksters must follow their heart, if they haven't already sold it off in the organ market.

There's a post on doctors as cartels that would take too much work to deal with. I need the brain space for more important work, like figuring out if I have enough tissue paper and ribbon.


Clever Pseudonym said...

"Amazon says that with two day shipping (free if you get Amazon Prime) it can get anything to you if ordered by 8 pm."

It can get anything to me! Even if it's by February! I am presuming here that she means it can get anything to you in time for Christmas. I'd be disappointed in Megan if she actually stopped being sloppy for once.

But this time, hawking her Amazon account was "by request," though I'm frightened to think of who might have found those crappy posts useful.

bulbul said...

Well, there's useful and then there's useful, as in "let's see what NOT to do". I very much suspect that request was made by someone with the latter on their mind.
Also, Susan, "journalism ethics"? We wish. Seriously, what does it take these days for a journalist to be fired? I've seen journalists shamelessly promoting their own and their overlords' (not just corporate ones) agendas and they act like everything is just honky-dory. And not just in the US, mind you.
Re the cartel post: I loved how she brought up the "quasi-public utilities" like cable and phone companies as examples of government monopolies. Like they don't face competition from satellite TV, dvds, the big four plus CW and most of all, the internet. And same goes for phone companies, especially as far as teh intertoobz are concerned.