Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Digby posts a comment from a reader:
At this point, it's simply not possible for me to believe that the Dems are actually falling for this "I'm so very sorry..." act. The only explanation for why [Joseph Lieberman] keeps getting let back in is that they actually /want/ him around to play "bad cop," so that they can say to progressives "we tried, but we just couldn't get that black sheep Joe on board."

I mean, is it possible that, despite public appearances, Holy Joe really is a genuine Democratic team player--it's just that the Dems aren't on our team, here? Think about it: if it wouldn't be for Joe, the Dems wouldn't have an excuse to not pass progressive reforms. If he didn't exist, The Village would have to invent him.

She replies:

I think there's something to this. [etc. etc.]

You think? Could it be that the rich don't want to have less money and power? Could they be pretending to act in good faith? Could our politicians really be greedy and selfish?

I guess we'll have to think real hard about this for a year or three before deciding that the rich and powerful don't care about the poor and powerless, and actively work to keep their money and privileges.

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