Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, February 19, 2010

Court Jester

Shorter David Brooks: Everything was so much better when we had an aristocracy.

It must be tough to be a royal ass-kisser when there are no more royal asses to kiss. Brooks puckers up and does his best, but the asses keep changing on him.


Mr. Wonderful said...

You're right about him, Susan, but the failings of the piece include other things. E.g., he completely neglects the corrupting effect of money on...well, everything: On politics, which leads to the corruption of institutions (like the Supreme Court). On foreign policy (which prompts the military-ind. complex to promulgate a hot war in Viet Nam). On political parties (which prompts the Republicans to whore after morons and racists in the South), etc., etc.

It's classic Brooks to schpritz some armchair sociology and ignore the various huge, stinking elephants in the room.

Batocchio said...

He's been hitting this theme quite a bit recently.

Susan of Texas said...

A one-track mind indeed.

He seems to think money ennobles, like McArdle. Why oh why do we have to live with this Gatsby rejects?

Kathy said...

"The bottoms keep changing"

Or being changed by prostitutes.