Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reality Is For Other People

Something is making Miss Kathryn Jean Lopez cranky.

Twitter 1: there are bigger fish to fry but the president's leg on the oval office desk is a jarringly perfect image of this administration's approach

Twitter 2: yes, bush put his feet on his desk too. doesn't quite change my view of the obama photo. and i'm sure i haven't surprised you any. enjoy.

Yes, let's not let facts get in the way of mindless hating. Now, what was it that Miss Kathryn Jean said about Bush Derangement Syndrome?

Once There's a Proper Treatment for Bush Derangement Syndrome... [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

..."history will provide a more clear-eyed verdict on this president’s leadership than the anger of current critics would suggest." So predicts Karl Rove, on his last day in the White House.

Don't you just want to do science experiments on her to see how far her self-delusions can go?


Downpuppy said...

I needed something mindless today, so I went there. Couldn't find the foot missives, but:

i have been sent to more soft-porn sites this morning from political sites ... gee whiz, nro does stand alone.
about 4 hours ago via web

Kathy said...

Funny how K LO and Beck and all the Terror-inciting pundits aren't scared of the Monster Obama ... considering he can have them ASS-ASS-inated any time he wants.
They don't seem to believe their own words, and why should they? 1st & 2nd Amendments protect them, and the 3rd & ... 4th... not so much.

Then again, I read Murdoch has suddenly repudiated the T-Party "movement". Maybe he awoke to find a soggy t-bag in his bed?

Susan of Texas said...

Kathryn Jean is constantly being forced to watch porn. First it was Playboy on military bases and then Miley Cyrus took off her top. Darn those conservative web sites and their porn links. And it's all because of liberals and their sexual permissiveness.

No doubt Beck is so scared that he cries himself to sleep. Maybe that's what happened to Murdoch--he awoke and found a crying Beck in his bed.

Bill In OH said...

So if I'm reading this right, her entire "argument" boils down to, "I know Bush did the exact same thing I'm complaining about Obama doing, but that's completely different!" Why does anyone listen to K-Lo? DOES anyone listen K-Lo? This level of discourse would be insulting to a six-year-old!

Susan of Texas said...

K-Lo is a shining example of success for some young bloggers.

Kathryn Jean Lopez has long served as an inspiration to me because she successfully balances two hats in her writing career: politics and religion. Sure, Lopez is the editor of National Review Online and contributors almost hourly to The Corner blog on the site, but she also makes time to frequently craft columns for nonpolitical Catholic newspapers, magazines and websites. Looking for two recent examples of her work that cover her spectrum? Read “What do women want?” and “Setting a new standard for Catholic colleges” for a quick sampling.

I first became a fan of “K-Lo,” as she’s known among her fellow bloggers at National Review Online, while I was an intern at In my circles, Lopez was a bit of a celebrity, which is to say, she was smart and reasonable. It’s a bit like Intel, really. Our celebrities are not like your celebrities.

She can say that again.

Kathy said...

"... she successfully balances two hats in her writing career ..."
-So! does she wear her 2 hats one on top of the other, or carry them around, putting on the appropriate hat when "crafting" her many many nonpolitical columns" ? what do the hats look like? I imagine dunce-cap (ie: Pope) hats, with feathers, and maybe a thick veil to add mystery and allure to her ______ face.

makes time to frequently craft columns for nonpolitical Catholic newspapers, magazines and websites ...