Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Taking Out The Trash

Brad DeLong (again) and Paul Krugman deal with Megan McArdle this time. We don't dare look too closely.

Also not worth looking at too closely is a post defending insider trading. We are struck dumb--no amount of snark can gild this putrid lily.

McArdle also click-clacks a review of Clash of the Titans. As Perseus is not a banker slaying evil minority home owners, she is not entertained.

I gather that the idea was to do a sort of homage to eighties movies—indeed, to possibly the last of the great stop-motion monster movies. It was the kind of homage that is usually delivered by drunk wedding guests with a latent crush on the bride and a too-accurate grasp of the couples' worst qualities.
How sweet. McArdle is dreaming about her ideal wedding.

Added: Tom Levenson braves the waters as well.

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zeppo said...

I'm sure there is a good conservative analogy in Clash of the Titans somewhere. See, Perseus is John Galt, who then... Wait a minute. If that were true, Perseus would then have taken his winged horse and magic sword and gone out and hid somewhere while the Kraken destroyed everything, including all those worthless people (i.e., not Perseus) and then he would come out of hiding and proclaim his dominion over a bunch of tumbled down ruins. That would make a good story, wouldn't it?

Soooo.... Never mind about the conservative analogies, then.