Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Love Sarah Palin!

One of the strangest beliefs of the right is their belief that the left fears and therefore hates Sarah Palin, and that liberals hate her because she's so wonderful that she makes liberals feel bad about themselves. They have no idea how much we love her.

We love, love, love, love her! She is wonderful!

TBogg gives us some of the Clan Palin's latest hits, each more horrifyingly hilarious than the last. Palin managed to raise a family of violent, drug-fueled, rage and libido-driven, greedy little disasters who no doubt will entertain us for decades as the right financially supports them, elects them to office, and breathless hangs on their every word and deed.

Sarah Palin, you're the top!!


Tommykey said...

One of the strangest beliefs of the right is their belief that the left fears and therefore hates Sarah Palin

Well, we do fear her, but not for the reasons conservatives think. We fear her for the same reason Michael Corleone feared giving his brother Fredo a position of power and authority. Someone so dangerously stupid can cause tremendous damage when they are in a position to make decisions that affect peoples lives. Combine that with a segment of the electorate that believes, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, that Sarah Palin possesses the wisdom, knowledge and experience to tackle America's problems.

Anonymous said...

I fear and hate her so much that I'm going to switch parties to vote for her in the primary.

Anonymous said...

I was just talking about this to Mr. Aimai this morning. I don't fear or hate Palin. But I do think of her and her family as symbolic of the degradation of our entire society at an almost evolutionary level. The whole lot of them remind me of some form of pond scum or sea lice, seething and burgeoning witlessly while higher life forms and higher forms of thought die off. I bought a copy of Idiocracy recently because I thought I should have one on the shelf now that its merely a documentary.


Anonymous said...

@ aimai

The word you are looking for is "loathe".

Anonymous said...

What's bothersome about Palin is how viable and sensible she would have seemed to the mainstream before she got plucked from obscurity - and what it shows about the way toward success on the right. She's helpful to the rest of us because, unlike the McArdles of the world there's no real veneer...

Susan of Texas said...

Hi, DL. Yes, not only does she become less popular as she becomes better known, she makes the whole tea party business seem unserious as well.

It's very interesting--the right tried to imbue her with authority by elevating her to a position of power but they failed with everyone but a small percentage of the right. How exactly was that done? Part of it was her obvious lack of qualification to fill the role but that didn't matter with Bush. Everyone just said that he was backed with qualified people.

The left mocked her but they mocked Bush as well. Bush's daughters were embarrassing as well as Palin's. In fact the two have similar personalities. But Bush had the elite background and backing that Palin did not.

The tea party idea can't work in the end. Authoritarians want real authorities to obey, not someone they want to have a beer or fling with, someone like them only a bit better. It is internally inconsistent and obviously fake. Of course it was never meant to be anything but anti-tax propaganda anyway.

Poor K-Lo is going to be very disappointed.

nanute said...

And when the rubes finally come to the realization that they've been had, I hope they realize who the enemy is when they start exercising those 2nd Amendment rights they're fond of. (I'm not optimistic.)

Anonymous said...

A friend observed after the 2008 election that while the Republican Party had spent years and millions of dollars demonizing Hillary Clinton, it only took three months of constant public exposure for previously-unknown Sarah Palin to reach the same level of negative popularity.

Go Sarah Go!

Anonymous said...

What I also meant about Palin's mainstream viability actually applied to her statements about Federal spending and the military. Much of her 'positions' pre-campaign were within the bounds of what most americans would have thought sensible. When she became a national republican nominee, she adopted most of the super-hardcore, right-wing stances. (although, apparently, she's still not conservative enough for Alan Keyes...)