Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coming Soon: Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking Continues

The 1% has a message for you.


DocAmazing said...

Sisyphus will get his rocks off.

Substance McGravitas said...

Wrinkly shirt. He's not one of the 1%. Enjoy your misery, peon!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The cradle will fall.

Susan of Texas said...

His first quarter million was the hardest. Now Obama wants to take his millions away from him. He'll go galt just as soon as they open a Hooters in Galt's Gulch.

Mr.Wonderful said...

I'd love to hear with this citizen thinks his sign means. Or, for that matter, what any of these Randroid noodniks mean by Atlas "shrugging."

Does it mean "perform a gesture of bafflement or indifference"? Does it mean "force off one's shoulders"? And whichever they choose, what does THAT mean? That the "producers" who carry the world on their shoulders (uh-huh) put it down? Is that who this clown is defending, or on whose behalf he's issuing a warning to the rest of us?

Is he saying, "Be nice to our rich people, or the world will stop working"?

Wot a frickin' tool.

Anonymous said...

atlas shrugged. jesus didn't. and no, connor friedersdorf, you can't reconcile AS and the bible.

no, bob meyer, jesus' fave book would not have been AS.

jackholes, the both of them.

freq flag said...

The World will little note
Nor long remember

Susan of Texas said...

This chapter is killing me. One souless passage after the other, a rape fantasy, and a bunch of magical engineering. Did you know that if you conbined a truss and an arch, you could hold up four trains with a few pieces of metal, and it would cost less than a concrete pipe?

atat said...

That dude's sign should read, "Atlas is smug."

fish said...

Did you know that if you conbined a truss and an arch, you could hold up four trains with a few pieces of metal, and it would cost less than a concrete pipe?

It is amazing that no one ever thought of that before.

fish said...


According to that wiki, the first bridge ever made from iron was a truss-arch design.

cynic said...

Sorry Fish, Hank Rearden never had access to Wiki - Government funded stuff like the Internet wouldn't have been attractive to him anyway.

Susan, I feel your pain. I was seventeen when I first read that chapter. I still have my dog eared copy of AS that I look at from time to time.

I must tell you - I was pretty impressed as a 17 year old.

cynic said...

My own favorite line from that chapter was this (describing Rearden's in-her-late-twenties secretary / lieutenant Gwen Ives)

".. whose quietly harmonious impenetrable face had a quality matching the best-designed office equipment; she was one of his most ruthlessly competent employees; her manner of performing her duties suggested the kind of rational cleanliness that would consider any element of emotion, while at work, as an unpardonable immorality"

There you have it - in one run on sentence punctuated by semicolons: it is not merely wrong; it is immoral to show any empathy towards your customers and clients.

Kind of puts the whole MBS debacle in its proper perspective, doesn't it?

Mr.Wonderful said...

the kind of rational cleanliness

Not only that, cynic, but a person could get a Ph.D. in deviant psychology writing about Rand's use of "clean" as a lauditory adjective and, worse, "cleanliness" as a noun, in A.S. I'm not saying it hints at an obsession with what a Freudian might call anal expulsiveness. But I'm not saying it doesn't.

bulbul said...

Mr. Wonderful,

I crunched the numbers and found only four occurrences of "cleanliness" in A.S. Of clean and derivations, 43 instances.