Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There She Goes Again

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Authoritarianism has an infinite capacity for self delusion.


Susan of Texas said...

I'm sorry but you are not Megan McArdle and therefore you do not count.

Lurking Canadian said...

Even for Megan, that's a weak argument. Look, my phony fallacy has a polysyllabic name. Therefore it's real!

Seriously? Using that same syllogism, can I say, "Faster than light travel is possible. The term you're looking for is 'warp drive'"?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

What was its name when businesses weren't hiring during the Bush-Cheney years?

"Government giving us much turkee, so why bother hiring peasants?"

Ken Houghton said...

Fine. F*ck the uncertainty. It's time to introduce a bill to tax all firms, including S-Corps and LLCs, at 40%--no deductions except depreciation, health insurance, and non-incentive-based salaries--starting 1 January 2013.

There. I have removed uncertainty, and likely balanced the Federal budget within five years. Will that make her happy?

Downpuppy said...

Of course "almost definitionally true" is a longer way to say "false".

fish said...

I'm sorry but you are not Megan McArdle

But I do desperately want to have drinks with her, MattY, and EzraK so we can discuss policy approaches to improve our financial situation.

Or maybe stab a fork in my hand. Can't decide which would be better.

Susan of Texas said...

She is now posting about her kitchen remodel.

"Every young couple looking for a house wants stainless steel and granite countertops, and wants them RIGHT NOW. Everyone redoing a kitchen wants the same, ASAP. Which makes me think that these things must be on their way out."


"My understanding of the luxury cycle is that as soon as everyone can afford a decent replica of high-priced items, the replicated qualities become outre."

I think she means passe but her inability to use foreign words correctly is just part of her charm.

fish said...

Yeah outré is completely wrong.

Larkspur said...

Oh, I am awfully grumpy today, but hold the damn phone: isn't McMegan pushing 40? She's way younger than I am, but she's still old enough for me to not envision her as one-half of a "young couple". And yes, her husband is ten years younger, but shut up, 'cause I think that is a reasonable age differential. But for pity's sake, does she really picture herself as cute, adorable, endearing, and oh-so-young? Grow the heck up, Megs. Middle age is perfectly respectable; everyone hopes to live so long

Yup, I am grumpy.

Thor said...

Let's see where everyone's least favorite Fascist Shill is in 10 years.

My bet is she'll either decide that "work isn't for her" or she'll be shleping food at Friday's.

Batocchio said...

Liberals: McMegan lying driving debunk posts is almost definitionally true. Term you're looking for is "inept propaganda."

Anatole David said...

Ascribing our economic woes to "Uncertainty" rather than widespread fraud, looting, and lack of demand is like ascribing diseases to Demonic forces. Same ideological bias warped into superstitious denial of reality.

Megan is incredibly "outre" by calling Democrats in the United States of 2011 "Liberals"--lol----

New name for Megan-->McMalaprop.

During studies of English Lit Sheridan captured her heart so she "almost definitionally" became an ambulant and blogging copy of his brilliant comic creation.

atat said...

Back to the "outré" comedy:

This exchange from the comments:

harumph [Moderator] 16 hours ago
I don't think outré means what you think it means.
Edit Reply Reply

McMegan [Moderator] 2 hours ago in reply to harumph
It does, but it now occurs to me that the usage was very strange there. I am clearly suffering from early onset alzheimers.
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Andrea Martin [Moderator] 46 minutes ago in reply to McMegan
perhaps use "declasse" with an accent over the last e (can't remember which accent mark though).
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harumph [Moderator] 7 minutes ago in reply to Andrea Martin
I pretty certain that word she was searching for was passé, or possibly démodé.

And if we really want to get pedantic, it's Alzheimer's, not "alzheimers."

Can I haz editing job now too?"

And then at some point, she actually went back and made a revision to her article:

"My understanding of the luxury cycle is that as soon as everyone can afford a decent replica of high-priced items, the replicated qualities become passe."

Susan of Texas said...

Ha. Her knee-jerk reaction was to lie and preserve her image. She must have looked up the word and realized that she was just making things worse.

It's so funny. Instead of just picking out what she likes she has to check with the tribe to see what will fit the image she wants to have--both trendy and innovative.

Apparently she's not designing her kitchen to blend seamlessly with the rest of her Victorian house. A farmer's sink, wood panels on the appliances, built-in plate racks--as long as she spent a lot of money surely that would impress Matt and David and Courtney and Will?

Poor thing, it's so hard to make decisions when you don't like to think for yourself. Or at all.

Quartz is seldom used but is basically manufactured and that does not have as much prestige as stone. Granite is now too common. Butcher block is so 1970s, and you must work to keep it in good condition. Cheap materials are out of the question. Perhaps she should have a tile counter top custom designed, with a giant green dollar sign in the middle.

Clever Pseudonym said...

Typical Megan. Once any materials become affordable or ubiquitous enough where her lessers can buy them, they've become vulgar. She couldn't possibly have them in *her* kitchen. It's pretty telling, though. Leave it to Megan to be more worried about style and whether she's up on trends than function, durability, flow, or the ease with one can use kitchens for their intended purpose.

Anatole David said...

Her blog on kitchen renovation reminded me of Veblen, "Conspicuous Consumption". She barbarously blogs it.

In keeping up with what's trendy she sentences the house to "objectively" wail with her the inconsolable plaint of the nouveau riche.

aimai said...

There's a hellaciously expensive manufactured stone from France (!) tout a faire a la mode which would have the advantage of being rife with potential disasters as they must custom make it in France and ship it to you as is--there's no wiggle room for error. That and a Lacanche range would suit Miss Megan down to the ground.

But I am depressed. If megan is really pushing 40 then even if they are madly trying to get pregnant her odds of amusing us with gay tales of infertility treatments and baby dreams go way down. Trying after 40 is pretty much expensive agony. Somehow I don't think she's going to wnt to write about it. And so less drama to feed my llama.


Susan of Texas said...

I hope you are right.

I wonder if it has ever occurred to McArdle that she is one sick baby away from bankruptcy, just like the rest of us.

cynic said...

McMegan Bankrupt? Not while she can still type and the Koch brothers have money.

cynic said...

The Wall Street Journal has a big story today about how smaller banks used funds given by the government specifically for small business lending to repay TARP instead.

Tarp money is the cheapest money that banks have, so that should be repaid last. But banks are repaying that first because then they can pay themselves bigger salaries and bonuses.

It is almost as if the Gods wait for a particularly stupid twitter feed from McMegan before pissing on her pet theories.

fish said...

Ha. Her knee-jerk reaction was to lie and preserve her image. She must have looked up the word and realized that she was just making things worse.

Yeah, normally I don't like to make fun of people misusing words, it is a bit of a class signifier, but you know, senior editor.

Susan of Texas said...

It's terrible to mock someone who is uneducated or self-educated. Fortunately McArdle has a world-class education, is upper class (more or less), brags about her intelligence and skill, is pretentious, and mocks the poor. Under these circumstances I think it's hysterical that she constantly misuses foreign words.

I also don't see how that could happen. If she reads a lot she sees foreign words used often--growing up, I picked up a few words and phrases in French, German and Latin because they popped up everywhere. She's an editor, as you say, so she should automatically look up words she is not 100% certain of. And she's upper class, so she is likely to hear people use such words.

Downpuppy said...

And of course, the most powerful form of stupidity is stupidity that thinks it's clever.