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Friday, May 31, 2013

Dancin' With Who Brought You

It is laughable to see organizations such as National Review pretend they are morally offended by, for example, John Derbyshire's proud and blatant racism. These organizations were founded by racists, pay for racist propaganda, hire racists, and send racists on cruises to mingle with other wealthy racists, where they all can finally indulge in racist conversations without fear of public disgust.
Scaife-Funded Network Works Hard to Kill Immigration Reform by Katie Lorenze
With immigration reform advancing through Congress, an anti-immigrant network funded by a small group of right-wing foundations is trying to kill reform by pressuring moderate Republicans and appealing to the party’s xenophobic wing. The groups could stymie efforts by some Republicans to appeal to the country's growing Latino population by moving to the center on immigration.  
The anti-immigration Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and others are using shoddy research methods to claim that immigration is at fault for a whole host of problems in America, from crime to income inequality. ProEnglish, a lobbying organization that advocates for "official English,” has released a video attacking Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for his work on the immigration bill. The Center for Immigration Studies has testified in Congress against reform, claiming “virtually all illegal aliens are guilty of multiple felonies.” All of these organizations are connected to John Tanton, a nativist who has formed a network of radical anti-immigration groups, all of which receive a significant portion of their funding from foundations tied to the Scaife family.  
John Tanton’s Anti-Immigration Network, Bankrolled by the Scaifes
Tanton was initially a population control advocate connected with the environmental movement – which now largely supports immigration reform – but has since dabbled in eugenics, openly professed his preference for white people, and been tied to white supremacists. Tanton has constructed a powerful array of anti-immigrant groups that for the past three decades has had significant influence over the immigration debate, with the help of millions of dollars from the Scaife family foundations.  
Tanton was a close friend of the late Cordelia Scaife May, an heir to the Mellon family's banking and oil fortune, and who until her death in 2005 was one of the richest women in America. Like Tanton, May was an environmentalist committed to population control -- and believed limiting immigration was the best way to do it -- and founded the Colcom Foundation to advance this goal, providing tens of millions to anti-immigrant groups as well as funding legitimate environmental organizations. Colcom's Vice President of Philanthropy, John Rohe, worked for Tanton for many years and wrote a fawning biography. Since 2001, Colcom has been the primary funder for many groups in the Tanton network, giving over $17 million to NumbersUSA and almost $15 million to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and more than $6 million to the Center for Immigration Studies.  
Scaife May's billionaire brother, Richard Mellon Scaife, is a major supporter of right-wing causes perhaps best known for bankrolling the effort to try ousting President Bill Clinton after "troopergate" and more recently for funding the climate change deniers at the American Enterprise Institute. Scaife manages the Carthage Foundation and the Sarah Scaife Foundation, which together with the Scaife Family Foundation (controlled by Richard Scaife’s children since 2001) have donated more than $4 million to FAIR and more than $3 million to CIS since the early 1990s; additionally, since 2001, the foundations have given ProEnglish $285,000 and NumbersUSA $987,500. The Scaife Family Foundation is also the sole funder of ProEnglish.  
Richard Mellon Scaife is also a major funder and Vice-Chairman of the Heritage Foundation, which recently generated controversy for issuing an anti-immigration report written by an author who previously argued that immigrants have lower IQs than the “white native population.”

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These aren't people who lived a hundred years ago; they are financing a complaint media and propagandizing right now.

The personal is the political; people who hate and fear other races and ethnicities, or communists, or women or whatever use their resources to create political pressure. But naked hatred and fear and greed are not acceptable political programs, so the powerful make up other reasons such as safety and freedom. The Sarah Scaife Foundation funded a lot of right-wing organizations.
Sarah Scaife Foundation past relationships:  
Accuracy in Media - funder  
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty - funder  
Allegheny Institute for Public Policy - funder  
American Academy for Liberal Education - funder  
American Civil Rights Institute - funder  
American Enterprise Institute - funder  
American Foreign Policy Council - funder  
America's Future Foundation - funder  
America's Survival - funder  
Atlantic Legal Foundation - funder  
Atlas Economic Research Foundation - funder  
Capital Research Center - funder  
Cato Institute - funder Center for Equal Opportunity - funder 
Center for Immigration Studies - funder  
Center for Individual Rights - funder  
Center for Security Policy - funder  
Center for Strategic and International Studies - funder  
Center for the Study of the Presidency - funder 
Claremont Institute - funder  
Collegiate Network - funder  
Commentary - funder  
Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow - funder  
Commonwealth Foundation - funder  
Competitive Enterprise Institute - funder  
Counterterrorism and Security Education and Research Foundation - funder  
David Horowitz Freedom Center - funder 
Ethics and Public Policy Center - funder  
Federalist Society - funder  
Fletcher School - funder  
Foreign Policy Research Institute - funder  
Foundation for Cultural Review - funder  
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education - funder  
Foundation for the Defense of Democracies - funder  
Freedom House - funder  
FreedomWorks Foundation - funder  
Galen Institute - funder  
George C. Marshall Institute - funder  
George Mason University Foundation - funder  
Heritage Foundation - funder  
Hoover Institution - funder  
Hudson Institute - funder  
Independent Women's Forum - funder  
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis - funder  
Institute for Justice - funder  
Intercollegiate Studies Institute - funder  
Jamestown Foundation - funder  
Judicial Watch - funder  
Maldon Institute - funder  
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research - funder  
Media Research Center - funder  
Mercatus Center - funder  
Mountain States Legal Foundation - funder  
National Center for Policy Analysis - funder  
National Institute for Public Policy - funder  
National Legal and Policy Center - funder  
National Taxpayers Union - funder  
Pacific Legal Foundation - funder Pacific Research Institute - funder  
Reason Foundation - funder  
James C. Roddey - trustee  
Social Philosophy and Policy Foundation - funder  
Tax Foundation - funder  
University of Virginia School of Law - funder
Where would our libertarian elite pundits be today without Scaife May's racism and oodles of money? Or the Koches' largess, by way of the John Birch Society? True, everyone must be paid by someone, but it says a lot about their peers that they must stoop so low to find someone willing to publish their work.

But this is what happens when billionaires get millionaires to write campaign financing laws in their favor. The billionaires smear their hysteria all over everyone else's attempts to make money. Scaife  May already has tons of money and doesn't need to worry if the institutional racism she funded costs other people money and elections. The politicians they fund can't afford to be as cavalier.

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