Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Bangladesh may or may not need tougher workplace safety rules, but it's entirely appropriate for Bangladesh to have different—and, indeed, lower—workplace safety standards than the United States.   Matthew Yglesias

 [...S]hould we lean on US and European corporations to impose our safety standards on Bangladesh? Or any safety standards? I don't think that answer is obvious, even if we concede that the Bangladeshi government is inadequately responsive.  Megan McArdle

The lives of the poor mean nothing to the callous rich.

Photograph of Bangladeshi factory workers from Hullabaloo.


Anonymous said...

So, logging is *exactly* as risky as sewing buttons on a coat in a factory.

Good to know.

This way, when the building Matt writes this claptrap in collapses on his head and kills him, I would feel no sadness - it was an occupational hazard and he should have known.


Susan of Texas said...

That won't happen because he is American and therefore deserves to be safe.