Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Clinton Gang at the OK Corral

Richard Nixon speaks from the grave:

As for the Democrats, Sanders is no longer a wolf at Mrs. Clinton’s door. At worst he’s a dog who won’t shut up. Nevada, which I called “the O.K. Corral,” proves she can keep minorities inside. That gets the press off her back and sets her up for a strong win in South Carolina. On March 1 she’ll take all but Vermont and perhaps Massachusetts.

Sanders has plenty of money and no incentive to quit. But short of an indictment, Mrs. Clinton’s path is assured. He ought to bargain for the future now, an endorsement in return for letting Warren have her way with the banks, something like that.

Mrs. Clinton must listen. It seems self-evident, perhaps, but it is not her strong suit. Dismissing Sanders as a crank would make the Democrats eat each other alive. We know what that looks like now. 
It opens the door to things far worse than the enemy we're used to.
Mrs. Clinton will not listen because she doesn't have to listen to win. She can afford to ignore poor whites because our system has always pitted poor whites against poor blacks and liberal poor whites will back off when accused of sexism, racism and white nationalism.

Added: This is the rejection of Democratic goals-raising minimum wage, national health care, fewer international conflicts--while hoping to retain an aura of Democratic merit; credit for empathy and social betterment.


Downpuppy said...

Bernie a white supremacist? Hillary against raising the minimum wage?

Sarah Kendizor is either clueless or a plant.

Susan of Texas said...

Or at least some of his followers, which is still bad. I can see people saying he'll never win or TPTB will never let him do anything. However tarring a losing candidate with some of his worst followers (if they exists; I haven't looked) is unnecessary. No white supremists are liberals no matter what she says.

Hillary said she was for raising the min. wage in NY only, according to what I read.

Downpuppy said...

She supports $15 local movements, $12 national.

Kathy said...

"Meanwhile, some Nevadans who were actually able to attend the caucus had their delegates decided by a game of War" (High card wins).

Once again Hillary is suspiciously lucky.

Susan of Texas said...

Thanks, Downpuppy.