Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, April 8, 2016

Work Product

The Hunting Of The Snark To Do List For: The Award-Winning Megan McArdle Post On Global Capitalism

1. Research connection between McArdle and Freddie de Boer
2. Investigate  possible connection between Iraq/CPA's missing billions and Ayad Allawi's Panama account.
3. Research war profiteering as part of American corruption.
4. Research shell corporations starting with basic definitions.
5. Research internal US tax shelters, starting with basic definitions.
6. Find examples of Westerners hiding money from taxes.
7. Research local versus global economy.
8. Find and assess McArdle video on capitalism vs. socialism.
9. Research tax cheating in US.
10. Find old McArdle posts saying tax cheats can't be caught. Review.
11. Write First Draft.
12. Edit.
13. Review
14. Edit
(15. Find illustration.)
16. Post.

Megan McArdle's To Do List For Next Post: The Award-Winning Megan McArdle Post On Global Capitalism

1. Google "Panama Papers" Copy URL from likely source. Skim article.
2. Find a couple of quotes from libertarians or memory . Cut and paste.
3. Google "US citizens Panama Papers" Copy 2 URLs from likely sources without reading them.
4.Write article.
5. Post.


Downpuppy said...

Sure, but whose refrigerator got cleaned?

tony in san diego said...

Clearly, you are doing it wrong!

Susan of Texas said...

You can't spend your morning shopping if you have to do boring research. What you do is figure out what your bosses want and give them that and slither your way to an easy six figure salary.

"The politicization of the humanities was well under way when I was an English major in the early 1990s, and my education suffered as a result. This wasn't because I was so oppressed as a conservative, but because in roughly half my classes, there was no easier route to an A than to argue that some long-dead author was a sexist pig, racist cretin or homophobic jerk. Being, like so many college students, not overfond of unnecessary labor, I’m afraid I all too frequently slithered along the easy path to the 4.0."

Clever Pseudonym said...

Megan considers study and taking her education serious enough to put an effort into well thought university-level output to be "unnecessary labor." Lucky her, she segued that into a lucrative career.

Cole said...

6. If any US entities are implicated by the Panama Papers, scribble a follow-up to remind readers that they are "different" in that they are merely protecting their booty from the evil plunderers that are the IRS and all the "wealth-redistributing" moochers who are trying to bring down the one uncorrupted capitalist society in the Universe.