Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Brilliant Economics Blogger Megan McArdle"*

Megan notices international shipping has fallen off a cliff, no doubt because of the recession she said wouldn't happen.

International shipping plunge to near nothing That's right: it is now basically free to ship your goods from some ports: [short quote follows].
But why, Miss McArdle, MBA, B.A.? Why?

This is, of course, a reflection of international trade, which has cratered.
Oh, thank you, Miss Megan! Thank you for explaining that when shipping craters it's because the shipping companies' shipping has cratered.

China's economic growth, and its political stability, would seem to be in real danger.
You mean if a country suddenly stops shipping goods their economic growth might be affected? And with economic weakness comes political instability? Mercy me, call the newspapers!

Between Jeffrey Goldberg's heartfelt prayers for the children whose deaths he is otherwise cheering and McArdle's economic wisdom, The Atlantic is just the bestest magazine ever.

*So says David Brooks.

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