Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, December 13, 2010

Business Is Booming

There is an article up on The Atlantic's new prosperity. It does not mention the "salons" and close and mutually beneficial ties with businesses. Heh.

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Clever Pseudonym said...

"Advertising salespeople were told it did not matter what percentage of their sales were digital and what percentage print..."

They were also presumably told to pay no mind as to how many incoming links to the Atlantic's online site were coming from bloggers writing about how much they sucked, or how many of those links ultimately led readers to advertisers. Or that their "salons" and "ideas" festivals in Aspen appeared to be suspiciously along the lines of "opinions for hire." Welcome to 21st Century journalism. Shilling pays and integrity is as outdated as DOS operating systems. Honesty has become something we forgive grandpa for because he is "old school," the same way we used to turn our cheeks when he said something racist or called a Chinese waitress "oriental."