Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's all about the money.

Don't rightwing pundits ever get embarrassed? Is no idea too stupid or obvious to state? If I went to the Korean Rev. Moon's Washington Times or Australian Rupert Murdoch's New York Post, could I get them to pay me for articles decrying the menace of godless communism or evil Baltic anarchists? I can be shrill and stupid too if I'm paid for it.

Mary Maggie Gallagher complains that gay marriage will mean infidelity will invade marriage and force the separation of church and state. This situation already exists with straight marriage, but reality doesn't pay cash for wingnut stupidity. The Post does. And, horrors, if they want to destroy gay marriage, they'll have to pay to try. In fact, most of her complaints are simply about money. Churches might lose money if they want to be bigots and bigots will have to pay (to sue) to keep their bigotry.

The funny part--there's always a funny part, that's why I'm here--is that Gallagher's nemesis is also her salvation.

National Public Radio reported this week, "Two titanic legal principles are
crashing on the steps of the church, synagogue and mosque: equal treatment for
same-sex couples on the one hand, and the freedom to exercise religious beliefs
on the other."

If you tear down the laws separating church and state, you are also tearing down the laws separating mosque and state. In your hurry to impose your superstitions on others, you might make your greatest nightmare come true--letting Islam form the laws for the US. Of course that won't happen, but we're talking wingnut, not reality.

Irony of ironies: the Post's pop-up advertisement was for a "dumb test." Very convenient!

Added: Dammit, Roy beat me to it, and is funnier to boot.


aimai said...

goddamit susan I wrote a hugely boring post on this very topic! At least you could come over and point out how dull it is!


Susan of Texas said...

Hey, it's not dull! I think it's cool the way so many people can find so much to mock, even with the same story.