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Monday, June 2, 2008

Kristol Goes To Lunch

William Kristol chastises Barak Obama for not calling the youth of America to fight in his personal penis-extender war. The response is so obvious that it's not necessary to state it.

Say, I wonder if McCain encourages men and women to sign up for war?

The most important weapons in the U.S. arsenal are the men and women of
American armed forces. John McCain believes we must enlarge the size of our
armed forces to meet new challenges to our security. For too long, we have asked
too much of too few - with the result that many service personnel are on their
second, third and even fourth tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. There can
be no higher defense priority than the proper compensation, training, and
equipping of our troops.

Good for you. So, where's the call for service? I'd better look again.

John McCain thinks it is especially important to increase the size of the Army
and Marine Corps to defend against the threats we face today.
Yes, yes, yes. And his call for people to join the military?

John McCain believes it is essential to be honest with the American people about
the opportunities and risks that lie ahead. The American people deserve the
truth from their leaders. They deserve a candid assessment of the progress made
in the last year, of the serious difficulties that remain, and of the grave
consequences of a reckless and irresponsible withdrawal. Many Americans have
given their lives so that America does not suffer the worst consequences of
failure in Iraq. Doing the right thing in the heat of a political campaign is
not always easy. But it is necessary.
Honesty is lovely. Now, the call to arms? Oh, this must be it.

Support a cause that is greater than your own self interest.
Yes! I'll click here.

If you take an active part in giving back with these organizations, please
submit a report of your activities so you can be rewarded through the McCain
Online Action Center.

Woops, that's just an excuse to get an e-mail address. I"ll keep looking. "Suggested causes"? No, that's charities, not military. I'm so confused.

Ah, Think Progress has the answer. McCain changed his web page. "The new page does not call for more troops and makes no mention of the “critical prerequisite” of disarming Sunni and Shiite militias. "

Hypocrisy is the neo-cons' favorite sin, and Kristol's shit-eating grin is getting really old.

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