Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

McCain is weak.

Via Sadly, No!, we see Richard Cohen is writing again, and the world gets a little stupider.

But here is the difference between McCain and Obama — and Obama had better
pay attention. McCain is a known commodity. It’s not just that he’s been around
a long time and staked out positions antithetical to those of his Republican
base. It’s also — and more important — that we know his bottom line. As his
North Vietnamese captors found out, there is only so far he will go, and then
his pride or his sense of honor takes over. This — not just his candor and
nonstop verbosity on the Straight Talk Express — is what commends him to so many journalists.

Didn't McCain fold, and make traitorous broadcasts for the enemy? What took over was his pain and suffering, and desire to make it stop. And his pride and sense of honor didn't stop him from embracing Bush after Bush and Rove's campaign to tell voters McCain had an illegitimate black child. The only thing we know is that McCain will talk tough but fold like a cheap suit if pressured too much.


M. Bouffant said...

McCain's bottom line is the bottom line, to sound like Mlle. McArdle.

merlallen said...

yes, he did. it's too bad we'll never hear them.

Susan of Texas said...

McCain has inhereted the Mantle of Republican Invincibility, I guess.