Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kathryn Jean Lopez Is Still A Virgin

Bless her heart, K-Lo's still as clueless about life as ever. She takes time out of her busy day to note people are concerned about the number of abortions committed.

High Abortion Rates in NYC [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
God bless them, even Crain's is worried!

Crain's seems to show that the doctors and health officials are worried that women don't have good enough access to contraception, and therefore depend on abortion instead. K-Lo is very much against contraception, so it's not surprising that she fails to mention that part. Willful blindness seems to be the only way K-Lo can make her way through life. Rush is a hero, just ignore that pesky Viagra-fuelled trip to the Dominican Republic. Bush is a hero, forget the failures. Iraq is necessary, ignore the dead completely. Our soldiers are heroes, ignore torture and degradation. The pope must be obeyed, ignore the fact that most people in the world don't care what he says. And on and on, about everything in life.

Imagine a world devoid of popular culture, of sex, of freedom for women, of complexity, of shades instead of black and white. That's the world K-Lo lives in. You could say it's a convent in the mind, but it's more like horse blinkers, voluntarily worn so K-Lo won't be distracted from keeping her eye on the prize; Death's permanent embrace, where Jesus will lift her to his side for all time, whispering sweet words of love and acceptance.

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