Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, August 11, 2008

Get Well Soon!

There is no Megan McArdle post this morning because Megan is either much too busy with her personal life to work (I hope there's no emergency!) or Maisy McLazy spotted a pair of shoes she needed to try on.

SIGH--I spoke too soon. Megan informs us that Russia is reassembling their "old Russian empire," and maybe we should do something about it, or maybe not. Does she mean Tsarist Russia or the Soviet Union? It's hard to tell, but no matter.

ANOTHER UPDATE--Megan has a lung infection! Poor kid, I've had tons of those and they're no fun. You can barely sleep for weeks because of all the coughing. Out of consideration for Megan's lungs, I will do no more than note an absolutely hysterical post on why Megan can 't drive her new car. Suffice it to say that rules are meant for the little people, not Megan.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE--It seems that Megan was exaggerating her illness. "[].... it's just a hideous, hideous cold" Megan now says. Not a lung infection. I hope Megan doesn't get a hangnail; she'll have us all convinced that she's about to endure an amputation.

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