Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Saddest Phrase Ever Written.

Kathryn Jean Lopez is catching up on her sex moralizing. She's discussed abstinence, but evidently not in enough detail because now she's discussing masturbation.

The girl in the Planned Parenthood video is, of course, right to say that
her night at home won’t give her disease or a baby. But it’s no way to live.
She’s cutting herself off from others. She believes she lives in a world in
which sex and simulating sex are the only options on a Friday night. There are,
of course, alternatives, and good ones at that. If there weren’t, all married
couples would get divorced after only a few years of nuptial bliss.

The bottom line is that we need to be doing more than simply saying, “don’t
have sex.” Of course that won’t work. Teens are not stupid; they’re human and know there’s something appealing about it, and they shouldn’t be told otherwise. But they should understand that there’s more to want, and that they should hold out for more — for love, commitment, and fulfillment. We need to seriously talk about character formation. This is why some of the religious schools exist. This is what a group like the Best Friends Foundation does for schools. But those groups and messages are getting hard to hear in a prurient culture obsessed with youth and selfish pleasure. [Bolding is mine.]

Darlin', you couldn't be any more of a virgin if you tried. You suspect there's something appealing about sex? Yet sex is off limits under any circumstance but the one your priest tells you is permissible. You know, the last time I looked for God, He wasn't crouched between my knees, afraid that something was going on. Too bad you can't say the same about K-Lo.

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