Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Problem Solved

If Megan McArdle can't afford the type of wedding she clearly expects to have, why doesn't she just sell a kidney? It would solve all her problems and be an enormous source of inspiration to others, as well as being her duty. She could buy a pricey DC townhouse. She could have a wedding so special it's covered by The New York Times. It's not like it'll hurt her in the future--her remaining kidney will simply grow to compensate. Why not? If it's good enough for a poor man to pay bills or buy a house, why not Megan McArdle?

As of now she has a wedding in which the band is being replaced by an iPod propped up on a chair. What other sacrifices has she been forced to make? Cut-rate cake? Polyester table linen? Chicken fingers instead of steak? How can this be McArdle's Extra-Special Day of MeMeMe if it has to be done on the cheap?


Parmenides said...

I am completely flummoxed by her wedding posts. When me and my wife got married we got a friend of ours to cook all of the food for us as a wedding present. Good food is easy for a home cook to do if you choose the menu correctly.

The church we did it at didn't cost that much. Hell the total spent on our wedding was around 2000 dollars. Most of that was the dress and invitations. The rest I don't quite understand how it was spend but we paid for it ourselves even though neither of us make enormous amounts of money.

She wants a damn princess wedding and the fact is that you don't remember much of the wedding because your too nervous and excited. My wedding was a blur. Her's will be too. And she'll probably spend 10 times as much as I did.

Anonymous said...

She could sell a kidney. Or she could become a hooker for a while. Or she could take a second job cleaning houses.

There are so many free-market solutions to her problem!

Susan of Texas said...

I'm wondering how she's going to swing the church. And, of course, laughing that she chose a church wedding.

She knows nothing about her religion--she doesn't know about the transubstantiation of the Body and Blood of Christ that takes place in every mass. If you grew up going to mass or go as an adult it is absolutely impossible to not know this. A church is purely for the look, the fantasy image in her brain.

Does she know a wedding is part of a mass? That you sometimes have to live apart from your fiance and usually have to take marriage classes? Heh, no wonder she's finding that churches who will take her are expensive.

Susan of Texas said...

Oh! Does the Catholic Church know she's advocating organ selling?

clever pseudonym said...

She may just have a venue wedding instead of a church wedding. I'm sure she'll tell the readers of the Atlantic all about it soon enough.

Susan of Texas said...

Yes, and it certainly would be easier.