Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The multitude of stupid out there in the health care discussion is beyond belief and utterly debilitating. This nation is simply too stupid to survive and I can't deal with any more today. Megan McArdle states that my children and I can't have national health care because she thinks the government will kill off people through rationing. I don't agree with her and I think there is more evidence that supports my side than hers, namely, Europe. But reason and evidence don't matter any more--stupid will win the day.

I believe that the economy is far worse off than people want to admit and that we will be permanently poorer; at least, some of us will. We will degenerate further into violence and ignorance until we are so badly off that at last the ignorant and stupid are marginalize, something I can't imagine ever happening at this point. I don't expect an apocalypse or a return to 1800s bucolic splendor; I think we'll just gradually get poorer and poorer, while telling ourselves that everyone else in the world has it much worse whether it is true or not.


Anonymous said...

Susan - I'm with you nearly 100%. I saw our Megan's latest healthcare post and I couldn't read past the first paragraph or two. I diverted to the comments and saw the same cast of characters rising to the chum for the umpteenth time.

Where you and I differ, though, is in the inevitability of the path to poor and ignorance. There will be those who take the path less travelled, destined to live wonderful, fulfilling lives in expensive and tastefully decorated homes. They'll think through every decision and make the right call every time, becoming wealthy and satisfied in the process. Because that's the kind of people they are. And I'll bet you a nickel to a donut (I am old school) that 95% of Megan's fanboys KNOW they belong to that oh so prescient, oh so successful and oh so individualistic cohort that will rise above the rest of us.

Susan of Texas said...

Yes, I've met a few poeple like that. Although--now that I think about it--they became successful in part because of modest inheritances at the right time in their lives.

I wonder what the younger generations will face. Will most baby boomers be able to leave much to their kids?

Downpuppy said...

The mean & stupid, combined with the obvious impossibility of continuing as we are, has reached the level where even ABC is acting like a real news company:

& when Jonny Isaakson of all people is calling the Deatheaters nuts - something will give.

I've always expected that we'll get poorer and poorer as we pass peak oil & as the poor countires finally start to equalize things a bit. This suicide cult of the Invisible Hand - I'm not so worried. They've always been with us, and most of them are (almost) as dumb as Megan.

Mr. Wonderful said...

Oh, SOT, it's the fatigue talking. Go do something else. The idiots will be here when you get back.

Or, for a good time, read this:

Susan of Texas said...

Thanks, that's interesting stuff. I read it when it came out but didn't (forgot to?) comment, so I'll do that very soon.

clever pseudonym said...

The link to the Exiled article on their main page has that ridiculous picture of Megan in her precious tiara. It becomes an absurd joke in the context.

Anonymous said...


What amazes me about this health care debate is the sheer absurdity of it all.

There are somethings that are perhaps debatable, e.g. how much should unemployment pay. If the payout is too high then the incentive to work might not be there. I get that. But nationalized health care? Health care reform means will start companies. Common wisdom is that startups are for young people. I wonder if this is because they tend to be healthier and can live with crappy health insurance whereas adults with families cannot.

It is very hard to attract good talent in a start up because your health plan tends to be quite bad. You would think that libertarians would want this.


Oso said...

Hi Susan, new guy here. I share your fatigue at the idiocy, the stupidity of the people my children have grown up in. I tried to shield them best as I could. Maybe tomorrow I'll poke around your site a bit. today I'm just....tired. Ten cuidado, take care.


zeppo said...


Susan of Texas said...

Welcome to all new readers!

run75441 said...


The got Mine, screw you, and now you get your mentality. It is almost laughable if we weren't all in this together.