Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You Get What You Pay For

Yes, I am just plucking the low-lying fruit right now, as I am busy this afternoon.
Despite the ballooning wedding budget, Peter and I are pretty determined to use an iPod rather than a DJ. It's not that I want to dis on DJs--I have no ideological opposition to them, or even to YMCA--but sticking people in a room, then feeding them, is already costing an astonishing fortune.

Heh. For some people, this will be a good idea. They will rustle up a brother or cousin who is a frustrated Master of Ceremonies, carefully plan their playlists and background music, rent a proper sound system, learn how to set it up and test it, rent lighting and learn how to set it up, bring the proper equipment and multiple back-ups and accessories, and check the venue ahead of time to make sure the equipment will operate as planned. Megan McArdle is not one of these people. She can't even handle the complexity of the DMV or Sears Repair service. It's the perpetual libertarian fantasy--they would be successful if only everyone else in the world would stop holding them back, and nobody else is as good as they could be, if they tried. McArdle assumes that if it looks easy to her, it is easy.

Libertarians will never acknowledge that they do not have the talent or work ethic to succeed (on their own), especially after Mummy and Daddy spent so many years telling them they were special.


clever pseudonym said...

We really should have started a pool about how often Megan was going to blog about her wedding after announcing she'd be doing no wedding blogging.

Susan of Texas said...

Hmmmmm. A lot, I bet. Every time something peeves her.

clever pseudonym said...

The sad thing is how absolutely certain I was that she wasn't going to stick to that. She's just too vain and self-absorbed to hold back on something as big as her own wedding.

Longfellow wept.

BillCinSD said...

give her a break. She is doing wedding preparation blogging. That's completely different in libertarian candyland