Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, December 18, 2009

Contract Law

I wish I had more time to go over this post in depth but I'll have to keep it brief. Megan McArdle is still insisting that corporations should be able to break contracts with individuals if it would help ensure their survival, but individuals must never break contracts with corporations. McArdle drooled at the thought of GM going bankrupt so they could shaft their union members. She encouraged and abetted the banks' rape of the taxpayer to keep themselves afloat after all their bad loans and investments. But now it's immoral for an individual to act in his best interest financially. Just as she wants the individual to bear all burden for taxes, she wants the individual to be the only one obligated to honor contracts. It's sick and pathetic.

McArdle sees her credit score as a gauge of personal worth. She worried the banks will make it harder to get a loan for her future house. She has no idea her old world is gone, destroyed by her heroes of the banking industry. People will default in greater numbers whether they want to or not. McArdle will suffer more than most because she has invested far more than most in the financial industry--not just her job and money, but also her ego and social status. This will not end well for her, and nobody deserves her fate more.


Clever Pseudonym said...

As I noted over at S,N!, the second sentence of that post originally read "I don’t think I’d describe act just like people people a 'slapdown.'" Maybe she reads the Sadlies, because it now says "I don't think I'd describe the revelation that corporations don't act just like people people a 'slapdown.'" Even when she corrects her stupid, sloppy writing, she still leaves mistakes unedited.

Susan of Texas said...

She is too funny.

Now she has up a "woe is us, the reforms will kill us all" post, as if she stands sadly yet wisely at the abyss, watching everyone else heave themselves over.

Clever Pseudonym said...

"I think this makes it very likely that in 2010 they will lost several seats in the Senate"

It is truly baffling to me that someone who is as consistenly and reliably as sloppy a writer as Megan continues to be employed for her "work." Especially since it's not just the occasional inevitable typo. It happens in practically every post.

Susan of Texas said...

She's an utterly reliable useful idiot for spreading disinformation and stupidly accepting lies at face value, so she does give value. But there must be a lot of people out there who could be so much better at her job.