Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Little Ross

Ross Douthat, In Short: As the working class sinks into the underclass, I think we can pick up some votes.


Downpuppy said...

Somerby has been on a roll lately about effete liberals & class arrogance. Must warm his heart to see Doughhat doing an even worse job talking down to the Lower Orders.

I missed where RD saw any opportunity for votes. Actually, I missed where RD tried to make any point at all, other than maybe trying to gin up a little fear of the working class amongst the Greenwich set.

The only response to the problems of rising inequality that might ameliorate the problems is more equitable distribution of income. (We'll see Ross proposing that about the same time he takes a vow of poverty.) The alternative is to raise the fear, raise the distrust, and impose an ever stricter police state. Which will work, for a while, for the ones inside the gated compounds.

Susan of Texas said...

I was thinking about the book he cowrote on how Republicans can regain power. He seems to be both horrified and given hope by the tea baggers. He and everyone else will go along with their stupidity if it wins them races--look at what DeMint is saying.

I read some article on Dubai and many of its Western inhabitants absolutely loved the idea of having servants that were virtually slaves. The servant class, they called them. I think tea baggers deeply underestimate how much the elite would like to reestablish slavery. Wage slavery is more than adequate if they can get that.