Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ann Althouse is Brilliant

Ann Althouse playfully asks for attention from the internet wag who created Analyze Glenn Reynold's Body Language.

That time Glenn Reynolds reacted to me with an "arrogant sneer and a coiled physicality."

And purportedly thought "Now get your fuckin' shinebox," according to this blog, which Glenn likes/pretends to like, but which fails to comply with Flickr terms of service — by not linking to the photo page — and my Creative Commons license — by not giving me credit for the photograph I took.

I think it's very funny blog too, actually. I'm not even sure what I want more, credit for the photograph of mine that it used or an Althouse-focused equivalent of Analyze Glenn Reynolds’ Body Language. I mean if Charles Johnson is going to say "Glenn Reynolds is ... engaging in political analysis via Flickr. And Ann Althouse, too!" and then direct readers to the Analyze Glenn Reynolds’ Body Language blog, where's the parity?

I thought that people pointed out Althouse's need for attention partly in jest, but evidently it's even worse than it appeared. Althouse wants people pouring over pictures of her and talking about her and doesn't care whether that attention is negative or positive. Mock her, insult her, call her a drunk--just don't ignore her.

Althouse should have looked more carefully.

Also, be careful what you wish for. McArdle thought it was cool to have such close attention, too.


zeppo said...

Oh, gawd, I knew that was going to be a mistake. I clicked through on that MMc link. I think she's been watching too much TCM.

Susan of Texas said...

Can you believe that? I called her lazy and spoiled and immoral and she still loved it!

Clever Pseudonym said...

I just love the fact that she openly admitted, without shame, that she Googles herself.

Kathleen said...

Shorter Ann Althouse: "You typed me! You really typed me!"