Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So A Man Can Stand Up

Let me point out the obvious: Ezra Klein is not our friend. Like The Atlantic, the Washington Post has become a conduit for corporations to control the media message. Klein was hired by the Washington Post. They give him all his money, power and prestige. He routinely encourages Democrats to settle for less and less health care reform. He is emotionally tied to the elite and its wannabes, not the common person. Which is us.

We are not running this country. We do not have power over our elected representatives. We do not have enough money to counteract corporate bribes. We, as a people, state, and nation, are broke and in debt, and it will get worse.

There is such a thing as too late.

The democratic process, let alone the Democratic process, is broken and we are not powerful enough to fix it. That does not make us powerless, however. We have millions of people who are afraid and angry. The more we concentrate on middle class goals, fantasies and aspirations, the sooner we will lose the poor and disenfranchised. Which is us.

It is not just in our best interest to declare a movement of the working poor, for the working poor--it's the moral thing to do, and if we do not have the the sense of righteousness, energy and optimism that comes from knowing what you are doing is right, then we have nothing to offer at all.

Or we can keep looking for an authority (or party of authorities) to lead us, and express shock and disbelief when he proves to be allied with the elite.

Either way, we will be run over by the consequences of the last ten years. The only question is how we will react. Will we cower and accept our inferiority in the hopes of benefiting from the exploitation of the poor, or will we stand up like men and women and fight? Because fighting over the crumbs the elite is willing to throw our way is getting kind of embarrassing.


Lex Alexander, Director of External Relations said...

"When the fall is all that's left, the fall matters."

-- A Man for All Seasons

Aaron B. Pryor said...

"I know to trip is just to fall."

--Physical Graffiti