Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ride, Sally, Ride!

This is Ben Bradlee. He is a billion years old.

Heh. No, he's "only" 89.

This is his wife, Sally Quinn. She's 69.

This is Scott Brown, who posed for this Cosmo centerfold when he was 22. He's 49 or 50 now.

Sally thinks Scott is "really cute" and "a hunk." Mmmmm, hunky politician. Growwwwwl, Cougar Sally, growwwl! After all, elections are about who pleases Sally and who doesn't please Sally. And my goodness, is Sally pleased!


Clever Pseudonym said...

There are so many different kinds of "ewwwww!" in this post, I think I'm going to skip lunch.

Susan of Texas said...

The post is kind of evil.

Unknown said...

Yes, because Sally knows that actual governance is of no import. Indeed, let the entire country fall to ruin, so long as her soirees are well attended by the proper sorts of folks.

Apsaras said...

Don't look now, but Meg has posted her thoughts about the election. Might it surprise you to know that Meg considers herself one of the few rational observers caught in a sea of statist parasites?

Dissect her thoughts as thou wilt, but I just want to point out that she thought the best way to summarize her thoughts was to pass along a keen "Mad Men" quote she got from her readers. Because, as we all know, Don Draper is the sort of man we should all strive to be.

That's what that show is about, right?

Roger Ailes said...

You said 69. Heh. Heh Heh.

M. Bouffant said...

Donny Deutsch: Voters May Be ‘Comforted’ By Scott Brown’s White Maleness


Susan of Texas said...

I know I'm comforted by the thought of a white man holding political office. Nothing can go wrong now.

I read he was an actor for a while. How long before the sex tape comes out?