Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reading Recommendation

Megan McArdle reprints one of her brain-dead posts at Business Insider, and the commentariat rip her to shreds. Good times for the entire family.


Downpuppy said...

this one go +15/-1:

She has two sets of morality. There are the moral rules Wall Street should follow. "Rape taxpayers. Act as a rational economic machine. Ruin lives. It's strictly business."

Then they are the rules the rest of us should follow. "Pay your bills. It's the MORAL thing to do!"

Anyone who has read his Nietzsche will recognize McArdle for the preacher of slave morality that she is.

Not mine, but nice to see somebody ele using the term "slave morality".

aimai said...

wow, that's amazing. What happened to her usual bunch of libertarian sycophants? Everyone over at Business Week seemed pretty on the ball.


Clever Pseudonym said...

From the comments: "Megan, more and more as I read your posts, its becoming clear that you are not Business Insider material. I wonder how long til Henry gets rid of you."

She's still holding down a gig at the Atlantic no matter how many times she's been wrong, so my guess is never.

Kathy said...

How about "how long till the Atlantic cuts back on her health care plan and she has to cough up huge co-pays, and pay retail price on all meds?"

aimai said...

Kwillow, I just read something really smart you wrote over at either Lawyers guns and money or alicublog. Good point, whatever it was.


Susan of Texas said...

It's interesting--when her articles are printed in the business section you'll see more criticism, but the blog is full of her fanboys. People want someone to relate to, which is why Palin's so popular, of course.

People are seeking out connections, looking for reassurance, support, and/or blind agreement. That need will get stronger as the ecnommy worsens, and there will be a *lot* of peopel out there looking for a leasder that flatters them and gives them an outlet for their fears.