Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, March 5, 2010


The new format for The Atlantic has tamed and subdued our Megan McArdle, demoting her to just another face and voice. Gone are the ludicrous, nonsensical claims and petty, mean-girl attacks on liberals, leaving behind only middle-of-the-road mush that manages to say nothing. Sure, she still gets her facts wrong, but the thrill of discovering rampant stupidity is gone. We will cover her more bizarre goings-on, but there's no point in reporting that McArdle said students don't want to pay more for their education although the universities are hurting for money.


Clever Pseudonym said...

Megan went to protests when she was in college (please add this to your list of Megan's hipster credentials. It is very important to her), which probably accomplished nothing, but the kids that are doing the same thing today are stupid and have no grip on reality.

Susan of Texas said...

She doesn't consider if they can afford the tuition or fee increases, or why universities (and services for the poor and women) are so quickly chopped, or what the effect will be on the country.

I guess she's too busy being a journalist to ask questions.

Musty said...

What's with the new head shot? True, Megan's not the most photogenic econoblogger, but man does she ever look old (and tired) in the new photo. Her squinting doesn't help. Maybe she was hung over again, but she really looks like shit in that picture. What's with the droopy turtleneck? Would it hurt to put on a suit?

Dillon said...

Musty, she isn't squinting, she is angry. The pic was taken moments after she read the following email:

From: The Atlantic IT Department
To: Megan McArdle
Subject: Problems with New Website


Your inability to post articles in the Food section of The Atlantic website is not a 'glitch' with the redesign, it is a safeguard specifically requested by management.