Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Question And Answer Session

Megan McArdle: Why should anyone care what happens to Greece?



Downpuppy said...

The lines are a part of it.

The circles are a bigger part. As in, if the EC can't support Greece, why lend to Portugal?

As always, bankers know they have to stick together.

(Unlike workers, who are supposed to fight each other for table scraps. Because unions are evil. All hail the hand!)

aimai said...

Jeezus. Doesn't she at least pretend to be acquainted with economics? I mean, maybe it was just a passing acquaintance, like a nod to a complete stranger as you bump them--but shouldn't she grasp that "no economy is an island?" and send not to ask for whom the financial crash tolls?

Even for the world's biggest narcissist this seems really kind of bizarre. But perhaps its not her day for faking that she cares about her own duty to explain shit to the rubes?

Susan of Texas said...

Bizarre is right. It's too obvious to ignore, but she does anyway.